Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Twenty Seven

Day of Death

Something Crap: I was up all of the previous night - after catching some bug. Vomiting and the whole shebang. I'm not sure what to blame it on - green curry, dodgy water or bacteria in general. But it wasn't pretty. I finally made it out of bed around 1pm and tried to eat something which didn't go down so well and I spent the entire day in bed.

Something Awesome: Having my little brother around to help me and look after me.

Something Random: The only channels that are semi-understandable on Laos TV are the Australian Network and MTV China. (As Blake was about to change the channel off MTV China -
me: NO! wait! it might be a good song!
Blake: It's in Chinese.
Me: I know, but it might be a good song!
Blake: really? wow. you've been in Asia too long. sigh.

Something we ate: I tried to keep down a french toast with oats and mango.
The meal was delicious, but it didn't stay down long...
the face of how I felt this day:
Something we did: Blake tried to teach me the concept of Casino Card Counting. Lol, basic math is not a strong point especially when I have bacteria central going on, so let's just say that Vegas is safe.
Something said: "I think I've had enough of Vegas take-over. I'm just gonna lie down now if that's ok."


Chicara said...

Those waffles look yummy. :)


Bailey Schneider said...

Bleugh!! I'm sorry you're feeling so horrid! Hope you recover soon
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Che Strawberries said...

I tried the brother's waffle and it was delicious and the mango french toast was AMAZING... even though it didnt last  long... lol.

Tina Boyd said...

Maybe it was the random bean in the lemonade??? I hate being sick and fight it to the bitter end....Hope you feel better!

Bev Johnston said...

Hi Che -Just caught up reading your blog -such an amazing time you are having. What memories !! See you back in Sleepy Hollow soon . Love Bev ( Johnston ..moms friend..)

Katyha Gonzalez said...

oh no! I hope you are back to normal soon