Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day Twenty Eight

Something Awesome: Felt much better than yesterday! olleh!
Something Crap: I don't have any phone pictures from this day.
Something we ate: Plain soda and delicious fresh shakes that tasted like heaven in our faces. (Banana and Oreo shake, Orea and Nutella and Strawberry and lime) Perhaps it was the lack of food for the whole day yesterday that made the shakes taste so good.
Something random: We chilled out and watched some Tv in our room.
Something we did: Booked a tour to the Pak Ou Caves and Whiskey-Making Village for the morning.
Something said: "Have these shakes been here all along? HOW have we missed them?!"

1 comment :

Bailey Schneider said...

OH yum! Those milkshakes sound YUMMY!!