Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day Twenty Four

Pool day

Something Awesome:
 After we were so impressed with Dyen Sabai Restaurant that we visited the day before,  we decided to spend the day at their "sister" establishment La Pistoche - which runs movies all day and has a pool bar vibe.

Something crap: Having to leave our "nice" accommodation so super early in the morning due to the "manager's" private/not-so-private nocturnal activities. (See previous post)
Something we did: We suntanned all day at the pool bar, playing scrabble and watched a movie in the bamboo hut when we needed a sun break. It was a perfect, book, pool, sun, relax, chill day.
Something random: We watched a traditional Laos dance at a place called Roots and leaves after we'd finished dinner.
Something we ate: We took a trip to the local night market and found a local buffet for 10 000 kip (R10 or $1.25) all you can eat vegetables, noodles and rice and if you want meat- pay by kebab. Delicious and WELL worth the money. So. much. food.
Something said: 
A random Swedish stranger-man sitting next to me at the buffet (watching me as I finished all the food on my plate): Wow. You are ze winner of zis table. You eat ALL.


That's. when you know.

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