Thursday, March 28, 2013

{Guest blogger} My Word Pie

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When I received today's guest blog post - I knew I liked it before I'd even read it. With a title like Eat Breakfast in your Wedding Gown - (and with being the cereal junkie that I am), what is not to love? Then I realised that this guest blogger is also an ex-Rhodent! Now, there is just something about Rhodes Students that immediately just connects us, which makes me SO excited to share this guest post with you all today!

Introducing: Marita MacDonald - the talented writer behind My Word Pie. Marita owns a brand engagement agency in Liverpool, UK - where she lives with her husband and their three-month old baby Gus. You can read more from her crazy/fun life on her blog - her conversation vignettes are hilarious!

Today Marita is sharing her 15 point guide to making the absolute most out of your wedding day. I would like you all to pay very close attention to Point # 12... (and you can see some of my comments in red)


Eat breakfast in your wedding gown:  a guide to thrive on your wedding day

I’m no expert as I (thankfully) have only had one wedding – but here are some things that I learnt from my experiences as a bride.

1. Take a calculated risk

Like you, I got married in South Africa but planned the entire wedding from the UK via email and phone. I rocked up at our wedding venue (the White House) in Plettenberg Bay just four days before the wedding. It turned out okay!

2. Get expert help
The best thing I could have done (apart from marrying my brilliant husband) was to get a wedding planner. She advised me on everything from flowers to the taxi service our guests could use. During the reception when I broke a glass, Jayne was there as it hit the ground, swept it up and give me a new one *ta da*. Her sturdy elbow was there as I was about to topple off the chair after the garter was thrown into the crowd and everyone was looking away. 

3. Put your foot down

Don’t be afraid to ask for things to be a certain way on your day. Don’t worry about coming across all Bridezilla…people will generally accommodate you seeing as it is a once-in-a- lifetime kind of situation. Looking back I wish I had stood my ground on a few tiny things that niggled me, but was too timid. Be bold!

4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 

We commissioned a proudly South African bead craft cake topper, street-side style. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind but there was no time to fix it. So we laughed. Everyone laughed. I love the beaded MacDonalds :)
 photo caketopper_zpse3e5c50e.jpg(personally i think these are pretty awesome. viva la Africa-style!)
 5. Plan to make memories.
Through every grueling interval training class I did three times a week for months in the run-up to our wedding, what got me through the pain was the vision of myself walking down the aisle in my gorgeous dress to the tune of ‘She’ by Elvis Costello played by a live saxophone. It remains one of my favourite memories from the day.

6. Do it your way

When it came to organising boutonnieres, the mere thought of a carnation wrapped up with baby’s breath in that green tape made me gag. We had a beach theme so I bought brooch pins and stuck them onto seashells. The groom, parents, and groomsmen each had a unique handmade brooch – it worked a treat.
 photo brooch_zpse98c270a.jpg
 7. Let others do the worrying
The day before our wedding, we realised with horror that we would not be able to have the romantic beach wedding ceremony and say our vows under the driftwood and seashell canopy like we had carefully planned. The weather had turned on us. It was a metaphor for marriage: weather the storms by being open to change. I decided to let it go and leave it up to other people to sort out (this is very unlike me – I’m such a control freak). Instead I went for a massage. Thanks to my genius wedding planner, organisational legend of a maid of honour and quick-thinking husband, a beautiful tent was erected in the courtyard right next to our reception venue. It was a delightful surprise to arrive at the ceremony to see how everyone had made it come together so wonderfully. We made such sweet lemonade!
(Ah! I love that!) photo tent_zpsc2e3b54c.jpg

8. Take time out

The best advice I ever got was to take 10 minutes during your wedding day to have a chat and a glass of champagne with your husband away from everyone else. Try to squeeze this in after or during your photo session. It’s lovely just to touch base because the day has many distractions – take a deep breath and smile at each other and drink it all in…

9. Remember your family and your heritage
On the back of our order of service we printed our family tree. It was wonderful to have a visual representation of two lineages coming together. I loved paying tribute to our ancestors in this way and it made for an interesting topic of conversation among the guests. (such a lovely idea!)
 photo familytree_zps98c88bcf.jpg
 10. Be funny
We let our hair down at the photoshoot after the serious ceremony. It was so much fun! Also, I didn’t get a fancy wedding car to take me to the venue. I figured that nobody would see me arrive anyway and couldn’t justify the expense. So I got a sliver combi taxi for me and my four bridesmaids, maid of honour and mother-in-law. As we piled into the taxi and I put on my seatbelt (I got to sit in the front of course!) I told the driver to please take me to the airport.

11. Trust the tradition

As chaotic as things may seem, they will all come together. People will want to help you and will go out of their way to be nice to you. Everyone will tell you that you look amazingly-beautiful-stunningly-gorgeous…take the compliments!

12. Get a little bit crazy

We had an after party. We had planned to have it on the beach with drums and 40 sky lanterns. It bloody rained. So in true Rhodes style we took it back to our guest house, drummed and drank Patron and Pongrácz (yes in that order).
(Rhodes wedding - FTW!*) We also brought back what remained of our amazing wedding cake (which was a cupcake tower). It was at about 2:30am when somebody (we all know who it was!) threw the first cupcake. Within 15 minutes the tiled floor was covered in the most slippery buttery layer. Everyone did at least one face plant on that sugary ice-rink. Blue. Icing. Everywhere. In clothes, in hair, on face. Those who took part still fondly remember this part of our wedding. The clean-up operation was epic.

 photo jump_zpse6c72a0c.jpg

(i'd have to say that your miserable weather 
makes these pics look so awesome and dramatic! 
Ain't nobody else got dramatic-beachy pics like that!)

13. Dress for success

My wedding gown was the most expense dress I’ve ever bought (and possibly ever will). I wanted to get the most wear out of it. So it survived the after party and there I was at 10 the next morning, at the breakfast table eating a muffin, still wearing it.
(i will TOTALLY be doing this: Smashing a giant breakfast burger in. my. face. in le wedding dress. And, FYI Warren, I will probably wear my wedding dress every day of my honeymoon too.) When I finally slipped out of it, every rib in my ribcage popped out of the whale-boned bodice with relief...
14. Shun convention

Between the two of us my husband and I have four left feet. After one awkward dance lesson we made the executive decision not to attempt a YouTube-worthy dance-off but rather have a first dance shuffle to Jason Mraz ‘I’m Yours’. With no pressure to rehearse steps, we could just relax and be in the moment. 

15. Don’t compare

You will go to other weddings after yours. Never compare your wedding to them. No matter how tempting. Even if that happy couple manage to pull of the perfect beach wedding that you planned to have but couldn’t because of the weather. When your wedding is over, embrace it with all its tiny flaws, venue changes and imperfections – it’s yours for keeps. 
My final word of advice is not to wrap your satin wedding shoes in a Checkers packet at the bottom of your suitcase while you’re on honeymoon. They will go MOULDY and have PERMANENT black spots. 


Thank you so much for the awesome tips Marita - I can only HOPE to be as calm as you the day before the wedding!

You can read more great stories on Marita's blog and you can follow her on twitter here.

* I'd just like to say... I am an old Rhodes student, Warren is an old Rhodes student...

Our entire 8-person bridal party as well as half the wedding guests are all old Rhodes students....

I'm packing a shower cap.


Sarah G said...

Che... two things:

1) I am so excited for your wedding I feel like there's a slight chance I may ullelate (spelling?) in the coming week.

2) I WILL cry as you walk down the aisle. I'm already a bit emotional just thinking about it.

Yoh yoh yoh! I cannot WAIT for next weekend... xxx

Sabrina Raaff said...

And Leonidas, don't forget Leo, who also lives with them :-)

Che Kershaw said...

Dear Sarah,
2 things
1) i am BEYOND excited to see you. cannot WAIT for a literary reunion and COT meeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (one million exclamations).
2) I started crying one month ago - in the ministers office. just go with it - it looks really sexy when you have snot and tears dripping out your face holes.

YOH. Ulueleuelelelelelelelellelelelelelelelele!!!!!! x

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