Monday, March 4, 2013

the MOST romantic!!

 photo Most-Romantic-Proposal-2013_zps77cb5847.jpg

Hey GUYS! I just wanted to let you know about a little competition that has been running lately. SA Wedding Venues is hosting the "Most Romantic Proposal" competition and Warren and I have been shortlisted for the Durban entries! (I say "Warren-and-I" when really it was all Warren. I just coincidentally "happened" to rock up at the right place at the right time.)

Each of the couples who have been shortlisted have shared their proposal stories - our story is not on the site itself but it links back to the blog post I did on our EPIC ENGAGEMENT STORY which includes two sets of sneaky parents, a weekend away in the Drakensberg, a {delayed} international flight, a missed connecting flight, a bunch of red roses, a hand-sewn jersey, a leather-bound scrap book, a bottle of Vevue Cliquot, a dashingly-handsome man and a very shiny diamond ring.

The Durban prize includes a romantic dinner at The Oyster Box in Durban - I have never been but I have heard only fantastic things...

So, you can go read some of the other cool proposal stories - and then decide that you like ours best and vote for us. Or you can read the others and decide that you don't like ours best - but then still vote for us - because we are awesome. (And a man-sewing-a-jersey is a pretty great thing to watch).

And a few of my favourite random snaps of The Warr and le moi -
right from thai trips, to festivals, to proposals, to engagement shoots.

 photo film18.jpg  photo film25.jpg  photo film20-1.jpg  photo f73ba123-bbdd-4fea-b6cf-98c9bc1b9d79_zps58c7f13d.jpg  photo 26b82865-ce90-475d-931f-b13756ad17ee_zpse28eaa7d.jpg  photo 6a17028e-85e0-44b7-ac98-dbb96bb30a2d_zps6ec7a939.jpg  photo Che-Warren-London-Engagement-Shoot-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography-18.jpg

Warr and I have basically been planning our wedding intercontinentally- and of our entire 1 year engagement period - we have spent literally 7 months apart. Since Warren flies back to South Africa only a week before our wedding - wouldn't it be lovely if we could share a romantic candle lit dinner at the Oyster Box right before our big day?

Yes. Yes it would be.

i'll bring you a doggy bag.


Rhianne said...

y'all make me sick with your gorgeousness :) but I can't help but love it! voted! x

eli said...

OMG!! This blog was so unWARRENted :) U are my role model. I am CHEmful of how much I love this blog :) #Realmensew

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha - yes.... I agree.... #realmensew and Warr is #soarealman thanks for the awesome comment haha :)

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