Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Be my Valentine...

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The Warr and I spent our very first Valentine's Day as "husband-and-wife" together on Friday. It was all kinds of awesome. The "severed jar of fingers" that he had been hiding from me in the fridge - turned out to be a delicious bottle of French Champagne - which was destined to be enjoyed in a bubble bath complete with a heart shaped  photo valentinelove1_zpsb59e6111.jpg   photo valentinelove6_zps8fa676c5.jpg After a hot soak, and getting our fancy on - we headed down the road to an incredible Thai Restaurant Suk Saran -
 photo valentinelove4_zps2677707a.jpg
The food was INCREDIBLE - so fragrant and delish. Warr had the grilled calamari with a chili and lime dipping sauce for starters and I had the scallops with the most amazing cabbage rose for garnish.  photo Valentinelove5_zps283349d7.jpg
I went traditional for mains and ordered a Thai Green Curry and was blown away with NOMaliciousness! Warr had some kind of fishy dish and we shared pad thai noodles between us instead of rice. (because we are piggies. And because pad thai reminds us of that time we went to Thailand.)
 photo valentinelove7_zpsf8999c41.jpg Husband of course spoilt me rotten - (HOW GORGEOUS IS MY RING!!?!) And even gave me one of my very own indieBerries cards which he purchased through my Etsy shop. lol. It did make me think how strange it was that all over the world on Friday, people were opening cards that I had made! I remarked on this to Warren to which he replied,

"And you know what?! THEY ARE LOVING THEM! In fact. YOU are the reason people are COMING RIGHT tonight!"

Me: Dear card-buyers, you're welcome.
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So, husband spoilt me rotten... and I... well I gave him a list of excuses. But, at least they were wrapped well. hey?
{Add washi tape to ANYTHING and it makes it ok.}

To be fair, (and my list of excuses is as follows:)
1. The First thing I wanted to get needs to be organised via an international blogger. And I haven't done that yet. WOMP.

2. The second attempt at a gift was off eBay. I bid on 3 different items and was OUTBID THREE times.
a) the first time, because I had no idea what I was doing.
b) the second time, because the price went too high. Then...
c) the third time because... FEKKENLASTSECONDBASTARD.
I have no idea where else to get this specific item from. But I will get it. I WILL win at eBay. Someday soon. (edit: I was outbid on a similar item last night as well. Double edit: eBay have given me a £5 off voucher - because I think they feel sorry for me.)

3. The third thing I wanted to get you for Valentine's Day, I have decided to rather save for our first year wedding anniversary in April - because I won't be able to do my original anniversary plan - because I will be in South Africa the week before and I won't have the time to pull it off.

I did get husband a stash of records for his new record playa and some DVDs for our Music Monday nights. And obviously... ALL MY LOVE, bundled in a pocket box (which he can TOTALLY put in his pocket and take to work with him - or indeed where ever he may wander). With a matching LOVE poem. Because WHAT else is Valentine's Day about other than LOVE.
 photo valentinelove8_zpsa85d3eae.jpg
Marshmellow hearts - thanks husband - they were delish!
 photo Valentinelove9_zpsc0a12efe.jpg
It was such an awesome weekend together!

And then we spent the whole of Sunday evening in matching full-body TIGERSUITS.

because, THAT
is how you do Sunday.

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Alyx said...

HA! Those tiger suits are for real awesome. :)