Monday, February 24, 2014

Get yo chakra on.

I have been putting off this post for a while now.

because -

Some posts are just harder to put into words than others,
ya know?

I kind of wish I could rather sit here and talk to you all about my recent experience regarding this - so that you could FULLY understand the complete AMAZEMENT/ EXCITEMENT/ EMOTION that went down. But anyway, since that's not possible (besides me talking to my camera and posting it to YouTube) I'll just try my best to get it all out.

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Let me begin by saying that lately, I feel I've been opened up to an entire new world of shizz. {I have downloaded the Headspace App (that's a whole different blog post!) and I've been completely inspired with all the yogis that I follow on Instagram (see this post) - so much so that I have attempted some yogi headstands of my own. I am keen to visit Keri's Reiki Healer when I'm back home and I have even signed up for this Colour Festival in June.} To sum up, there is some kind of shift going on in my mind and soul... and it's epic.

So when Lulu mentioned that she had some Chakra Necklaces

I was ALL. IN. 

In basic terms (and as much as I am still learning) there are 7 different chakras  - or "energy zones" in your body which relate to different physical organs and emotional issues that we may (or may not) be carrying. When there are blockages in any of these zones of energy we may experience physical or emotional/mental imbalances.

Lulu invited me over and laid out her seven chakra necklaces in front of me and asked me to choose one based PURELY ON THE SYMBOL that I was most drawn to. (Bearing in mind I had never seen these symbols before). After much deliberation I eventually went for the fifth chakra. At this point, I found out it was the throat chakra, but still didn't have much idea about what it specifically relates to.
 photo chakra2_zps7d8a9b88.jpg
As you may know, I LOVE me a good personality test and "learning about myself". So, as soon as I left Lulu's house - I rushed home and tried to read up about the chakras online. I found a chakra personality test and without knowing anything about it - answered the completely random 40+ questions. I then did another chakra test (and another). Every time I did a test - it gave me exactly the same chakra that I had chosen based purely on the symbol that I was most drawn to.

As you can imagine -


 photo chakra3_zpsefc1274e.jpg


It's like something in me was drawn to the exact symbol-chakra that is the perfect balance for my personality. At this point, I was SO intrigued / excited / amazed by this "coincidence" that I went and researched further: imbalances in the throat chakra can cause teeth problems, (HELLO DENTIST), mouth ulcers and sore throats. (note: at the very time of choosing this chakra I had been sick with a sore throat and stuffy nose for about a week).  I won't go into all the long of it - but the more I read about this chakra and it's emotional/physical imbalances the more I cannot believe how completely apt it is to me and the things I need to work on in my life.

Furthermore - the element of the fifth chakra is sound - which also re-confirms (and enlightens me) as to a lot of other things in my life. (For example, my primary love language is Words of affirmation - ie: HEARING people appreciate me). Actually, for a long time - that I've never really understood until now - whenever I hear Warren use my name out loud in a sentence - I've always had a quiet chuckle to myself. Why?  As I now realise - is because it SOUNDS so good to me - it resonates well with something within me. Sometimes even, just hearing a song can make me so emotional I burst into tears.

I got so excited about all of this that within 7 minutes I had messaged my mother, my father and half my friends with pictures of the chakras asking them to choose. I ordered one of the necklaces from Lulu and sent them to a friend back in South Africa. They all picked the ones that were so apt to their personalities and physical imbalances. Of course, I made Warren choose his chakra and subsequently overloaded him with a bajillion chakra personality tests. You're welcome, honey.

I have been wearing my chakra necklace ever since I got it and I love it. There is something about having it on me it that reminds me to be more aware of how I choose to respond to different situations in my life. I'm so excited to read up more about it all and learn more.

At the end of this mish-mash post - I feel I haven't really effectively explained the ENTIRENESS of how awesome and far-reaching this experience has been for me -

but yep.
that's the gist of it.

And it's already gotten so long and wordy... but ya know - 
my chakra necklace is aimed to balance me with more communication ...

So maybe it's working.

Stay tuned.

 * * * * * *

PS. If you'd like to order a chakra necklace and choose the one that you are most drawn to (and I would totes recommend it!) - hop over to Lulu's blog.

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