Wednesday, February 12, 2014


 photo superoldschool.jpg 

Wake up and be present in your life. Be present in your life. Be present in your life. Do not concern yourself with the happenings of others. Honour them, yes. Love and embrace their well-being, yes. But leave the mouth-wagging, nitty gritty of their lives to them. Live your own fire. Fuel your own drive. Be gentle with the souls of others, be gentle with yourself. Do not concern yourself with cents and pennies. Do not chase rectangle notes of paper. Chase dreams, chase big ideas, chase your ideal spirit. Criticism comes from the hearts of those who were not brave enough to chase their own. Do not pity them, take their hand, guide them, so that they may see the bright kingdom that you are building. Enlighten them, enlighten yourself. Be bolder than you could imagine, be bigger than you thought possible. Grow in self-awareness. Be yourself. Be radiant. 

Be free.

{pic taken at Reading Festival, 2011 on my wide angle camera.}