Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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Our next event for The Photo Hunt is fast approaching (SAVE THE DATE: 1 MARCH 2014!) and we are so excited for all the fun to come! For those of you who don't know - The Photo Hunt is a awesome new networking event for bloggers, photographers and general creatives who are keen to get together for an afternoon of fast paced fun!

The idea is simple: you and your team mates are given one of The Photo Hunt task lists and you then rush around snapping pics off the list NINJA STYLE before the time runs up!
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Once we've hit the "TIME UP!" we all reconvene for some some picture sharing and mingling! It's a great way to socialise with like-minded souls! Who knows - you may even -

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Apart from getting to meet a whole bunch of rad creative/fun/fabulous individuals, thinking like a creative ninja, honing your picture snapping, being inspired by the awesomeness of other attendees and getting your adrenal glands pumping - the majority of the attendees at The Photo Hunt are bloggers - which means a whole new stash of blogs to add to your blogroll!  photo PhotoHunt7_zpsfeaa9306.jpg

Just like our last event - you have the option to sign up as an individual (where we'll team you up with some happy new faces) - or you can round up three of your mates to make a Team of 4 for an afternoon of epic fun! (You and your team may or may not delve into a sneaky beverage or two! It's up to you!)

The main thing to know is that you will be having so much fun mixing with friends old and new that you will hardly even notice that your brain is EXPLODING WITH CREATIVITY. photo PhotoHunt3_zpsa2fc190a.jpg
And isn't that just the most glorious thing?!

HOOORAY!! Inspiration for all!

This time we have a 

 photo PhotoHunt6_zpsc8db748c.jpg  photo PhotoHunt5_zpsc9e29255.jpg

And a brand new mission to make this event UBER FANTASTIC!

* * * * * *

So, to summarise, The Photo Hunt is AWESOME -
  • You'll meet a bunch of creative fun people!
  • You get to spend your afternoon getting creative and thinking out the box
  • You'll meet new bloggers and find new blogs to add to your blogroll!
  •  We have a brand new location to explore!
  • Epic new task lists waiting for you!
  • New prizes, new sponsors and new surprises!
  • A whole host of "TEAM SPIRIT huzzahs!"
And... almost no-one dies:

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But don't take my word for it - take a peek at what some of our previous attendees had to say.

* * * *

Space is limited so get ready to SNAP them up!

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....tickets coming soon....

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Rhianne said...

I wanna go. but I can't. So I'm sulking. Perhaps you need to start working on a photohunt trip up North... Leeds is North :)