Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Progression of a beard

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It all began soon after Movember... Once we had waved a FOND farewell to the horrific mouth-eyebrow, I  casually exclaimed, "Wow you look SO much better without a mustache but.... I wonder what you would look like with a beard?" Well. Let me tell you...
Husband took this as a DIRECT CHALLENGE to grow as much face-hair as humanly possible.

Now let me first state that I do in fact really like the rough-man-beard effect. Five o-clock shadow?  Bring it! Unshaven rugged man look - HIGH FIVE. But over the last few weeks, I have come to realise that there are very definitive stages to the progression of a beard - and I felt like with husband's epic beard growth - we accelerated straight to Stage 6.
  photo beard1_zps46e5d61b.jpg

BEHOLD: Taliban Beard Man - 

 photo beard4_zps41a9e08b.jpg photo beard7_zps5e1f99b4.jpg
On a few occasions this month there has only been one word used to describe this massive face-growth beard:


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There was a stage just before TALIBAN that looked very Ben Affleck. I wish I had snapped a few shots of the sexy-inbetween phase.

I am happy to report that TALIBAN-beard has disappeared since two days ago - (even after I was beginning to worry that The Warr was getting WAY too attached to it). I do have a sneaky feeling that this isn't the last time The Beard makes an appearance. I actually couldn't believe how YOUNG he looked after having his beard for so long and then shaving it all off! In fact I remarked on it so many times that I think The Man now thinks that it would be a fabulous idea to grow an epic beard every single month.

I'll keep you posted.

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