Sunday, February 6, 2011

For the love of all things woman.

While I'm away on vacation, i wanted to tell you about My First Time
 - a collaborative Women's writing project co-ordinated by Jen Thorpe, a Rhodes University Politics Masters Graduate - specialising in Gender politics. (now that's a mouthful - but so is the project)

My First Time empowers women across the world by sharing real-life stories and support for each-other. Topics range from Love, Family, Romance, Weight, Beauty and Health to Violence, Abuse, Finance, Fidelity and Sex. It's like having a big tea-party with your closest girl-friends and you get to talk about whatever you want to or need to.

All women can join this project by emailing their stories to this address:
They are currently looking for new content for 2011.
The story you write could help someone else feel like they are not alone.

Two of my stories have already been published on this blog :)

Get involved in this amazing project.
Do it for all things woman.

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