Thursday, February 3, 2011

Young and Dumb

I am currently on vacation in the Philippines. If you are reading this post it means that the auto-scheduler thing on my blog has worked. OLLEH! And if you aren't reading this, well.... then I guess you aren't reading it. so it doesn't matter.

Hopefully there is some good weather going down in Philly today!! (and we are enjoying some cocktails and seafood on the beach...) For today, a little secret about me... when I see the sun, I get a little drunk-stupid with happiness and this is what tends to happen:
zombie eyes. arms outstretched in adoration.
heat. warmth. bright yellow glow. i am a sun-child.

several hundred hours pass until:

this happens on most occasions when i see the sun. and particularly with a sun + beach combo. i know it's very bad for you. yes. i will get wrinkles. thanks mom.

anyway to illustrate my point. i would like to show you a picture from an Australian Surf Camp at Lancelin beach that my brother and I went on. (surf camp: really awesome FYI).
So, the surf instructors kept telling us to slap on the sunscreen.
Me, being the younger, dumber version of myself, decided that they were only trying to sabotage my tan.
so i ignored them.
after two full days of being out on the water in bright, aggressive sun...
my entire face swelled up like a burn victim, my lips blistered to the size of Shiloh Pitt and my eyeballs shrank with dehydration. i couldnt eat cause i couldnt chew cause my lips were so angry with me.
it. was. not. pretty.

let's hope that that's not going on right now. And if it is, HEY! i'm sure it will make a great cartoon...

step outside and soak up the sun.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Listen to yer mum, put ON the sunscreen!!!!

dad said...

And you told us your lips were like that from kissing all the surfer guys...chheeeeezzz now the truth comes out.. the sun, well I never...!!