Friday, February 11, 2011

now that was stupid...

I am busy editing some photographs from my Philippines trip, but before I post them, I wanted to post some of the first ever pics that I took with my new Camera and a little story:

My design lecturer at university organised us a short photography course when i was studying... just as an extra ("not-counting-for-marks") thing that might come in handy for designers.

Back then, I was too busy partying, suffering from hangovers, 'studying' to really pay much attention in this 'extra-not-counting-for-anything' course. i vaguely listened to our photography lecturer talking about f-stops, apertures, ISO ...wadda wadda... get me a drink... fortunately back then my digsmate was studying photojournalism...
and what i thought was a very clever tactic of "get Victoria to help take the photo assignment pics for me" is now proving to be very UNfortunate and UNclever since I have just purchased the lovely Canon 60D and i have no idea what I am doing.
anyway, i shall relearn.

the following is a completely random un-photoshopped collection of some snaps that i have taken recently. You are not allowed to judge me on these pictures since not much from photo-course has come back to me. 
i just push buttons.
this is a globe.

this is my "che is learning photography" book. and my iPhone

this is not an iPhone.

this is a map. it looks very vintage. but it is just sepia.

this is delicious. 
this is also delicious.
these are some of my bags. and the trash in the background. the trash is not delicious.
this is where i sit.

this is a strawberry bucket. and my family picture.
this is me experimenting with some exposure settings. i like this look. and yes, i have a bear on my bed. 
this is me being a sneaky ghost. in the background you can see a very fancy Korean Hanbok -traditional dress worn at weddings and other ceremonies - that belonged to one of my student's mothers which she gave me. 
i think she wants me to get hitched.
these are cords and speakers. i like this lighting.
dark and sneaky craft drawer filled with pegs.

*the end*
(for now) 

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