Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lomography Love

Got a few pics developed from some of my Diana F+ film - Most of them are from our trip to Boracay - but there are a few that crept in from around English Village and the 4th of July - oh the joy of analogue! :)
Boracay Beach

 Our hammock and bungalow 
 fruit shakes... yes.
 beach day
 seafood dinner
the flower path
 Sales and sand
 on the way to the pool
 island hopping
fireworks (4th of July)
Boracay Beach - sail boats
ghostly statues - English Village
Our Philippino Home

ps. these are all totally legit. real. old school film. no iphone, no hipstamatic, no picture-show. just pure lovely analogue. :)

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Jaxi said...

So stunning!!!!! Love Lomo's :)