Monday, February 21, 2011

Should I work for free?

I have received a number of "design-request-favours" in the recent past... which is always a tricky thing for me - since i like "being nice" to people, but if I'm ever considering going back into Design full-time, I think it might be a little difficult to support myself on stale bread and "being-nice".

The lovely Laura sent me this very funny flow chart from the blog of Jessica Hische - awesome designer extraordinaire who is responsible for the Daily Drop Cap project (very cool)...


Check out the original flow chart here.

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Bailey Schneider said...

Typical!! Hahahaha!!
I often get approached to MC for charity.
I love charity work, don't get me wrong... but doing work for free wont pay my rent or my petrol etc!
I have finally grown balls (say what?) and chosen the charities I'll lend my time to... but it's amazing how people get so cross!