Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy LUUURVVE day

Happy Valentines day everyone! I had a lovely loveday yesterday....
inspired by some gorgeous photos i received in the mail of a Cape Town inspired date:
and the beautiful heart brooch made by laura

i got myself fancy and took myself on a che date :)
my favourite kind! :)

first some tv-series in bed, with a double whammy of cereal and yogurt.
then a gym session... where i saw the most epic thing. i would not even be able to do justice to what i witnessed today so i'm not even going to try. basically it was a Korean-couple gym session involving 12 hand-claps, front and back, Korean man yelling at Korean wife whilst doing supersonic-gyrating-pelvic thrusts side-by-side, followed by both of them lying on their backs, legs and arms in the air flailing about like a pair of frying ants.
i had a great workout. I hope they did too.

*then off to Seoul*
First stop, coffee shop with delicious (extra hot) cappuccino, a lemon tart and my sketch book :)
I had to dodge a few of these guys (i did hi-five the giant blue bunny):
did some Stationery shopping:
and then decided to see a movie. 
I have been wanting to see Black Swan, but at the good advice of not seeing it alone, i decided not to. (also, it wasn't showing.)

she let me buy a ticket :) 
the movie was good and i hadn't even heard of it until then so I didn't realise that Natalie Portman was in it - It was basically exactly like Black Swan.

I had a lovely loveDay  - i love che dates :) and my philosophical point of advice for the day is you might as well learn to love spending time with yourself, because from now until you die, you're always going to be in your own company- so make it fabulous :)

*hope everyone had a magical day*


Bailey Schneider said...

Happy Happy Love Day!
Supersonic gyrating hip moves? Sounds like that couple had a happy Valentines Day too! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

That is awesome ... I still haven't done the lone movie thing ... but I had a Bailey Date yesterday too - 1st Valentines Day alone :-) and I actually had a blast!

Ndileka said...

i think the cape town photo thing is super romantic! awesome idea! sounds like a fun day che k! x

Warr said...

And no mention of the flower I made you - bleak! Haha, glad you had a good day yesterday :-)