Thursday, August 9, 2012

Picnic Perfect

We have most definitely perfected the art of the perfect picnic. Here are the very easy steps:

Step one: Pick a lovely place: A good park, a sunny day, a few rose bushes nearby if you can find them. Wimbledon Park works for us.


Step Two: Pack a picnic blanket. If you would like to be extra awesome, make sure your shoes coincidentally match the picnic blanket.

Photobucket Photobucket

Step Three: Get an awesome picnic bag. Preferably with a wine-cooler section. Pack your wine.

Step Four: Pack your portable music blaster.

Step Five: Get real glass wine glasses, because "chinking" is always necessary. And you will always find many reasons to chink once you are sitting down at your perfect picnic.


Step Six: Organise the grub. I opt for healthy pre-cut veggies with tzatziki and spicy hummus. Cut all the veggies before hand and put them in containers. Pack a few plates.

Step Seven: Pack a knife just in case. Pack a tennis ball if you feel like it.


Step Eight: Invite a few birds, invite a few squirrels too if they are lurking about.


Step Nine: Pour your wine, Put on your tunes, Smash your delish food and chink away.


Congratulate yourself on the perfect picnic  -
Happy Days!


the Warr said...

Because "chinking" is always necessary ;) You make the perfect picnic partner x

GeeGee said...

1.Choose bike network (route 4 worked well for us last week)
2.Make birthday cake in nonsquishy way -it will be packed into a rucksack and strapped to a luggage rack. I chose chocolate flapjack
3.Cycle around lovely Gloucestershire countryside. Find a really really big hill to cycle up....
4.Push bike up hill. Arrive at top and find a horseriding centre with a teashop in it!
5. Sit and watch kids doing minature dressage whilst having a cream tea. Loads of fun
6. End up saving birthday cake and nibbles for midnight bike ride picnic instead :)

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha that is the best! (i LOVe the 4. lol.) and midnight bike ride! awesome!