Thursday, September 20, 2012

{London} - Renegade Craft Fair

Last Sunday we took a trip to Brick Lane to the Old Truman Brewery for the second annual Renegade Craft Fair in London. The Renegade Craft Fair was first started in Chacago in 2003 and has since grown to become one of the biggest marketplace events in the world - traveling throughout the USA and now (for the second time) in London. Many of the American "crafty-blogs" that I follow have talked about 'gearing up to get to the Renegade Fair' so I was really excited to be able to be in London while it was here.
The show itself was a lot smaller than I was anticipating from having seen so many photographs and blogposts about it from the American blogs I follow - but it is only the second annual "London edition" and not all of the 'usual' store holders have made the trip out to the UK. We did some some amazing crafty/creative/ingenious/'why-didn't-I-think-of-that' things and it was great to meet so many new talented crafters, creators and bloggers.Photobucket
Speaking of which, I bumped into one of my all time favourite bloggers Danni from Oh, hello friend - Oh, hello friend was one of the very first blogs I started reading - so I guess you could say it was the blog that led me down the rabbit hole of blogging. It is a pretty surreal experience to come face-to-face with someone who you have been stalking following for so long. {ie: "Hi, Im Danni!" "...Yes... I know" haha} In fact it took approximately 17 minutes of Warren badgering me to go and talk to her (and another 13 minutes to go back and get a photograph). Danni was really lovely and so friendly and easy to chat to and I couldn't resist buying some pretty things from her shop -  Photobucket
Oh hello friend stamp set
Some wooden gift tags for gift wrapping

There were also so many other interesting people showcasing their talents at the Fair. I love these business cards from Joynevada  - 
And they made the cutest little custom salt and pepper shakers. You send them a picture of you and your partner and they send you back a personalised set of table shakers. Awesome.

I got on a bit of a business card frenzy and collected so many cool cards and it's been really great to check out some different blogs and websites from them -
Here are a few:

Art Equals Happy
Zosienka and Rosie
Suzi McLaughlin
Katie Stainer

To get a full list of all the London artists you can click here




GeeGee said...

The wooden gft tags are beautiful, do you know how theyre made? really delicate and just lovely, thanks for showing them off!

Melissa said...

It must be so strange to meet bloggers face to face for the first time. It's strange how much we can get to know people without ever having met them. I think about all the blogs I ... ahem ... follow and it would be so weird to meet the bloggers face to face. Bizarre!

Che Kershaw said...

um yes... it totally was a case of "oh hi! im Danni" me: "dont worry I know"
"You guys are getting married? when we got married last year... " me: "i saw it, it was awesome, you dont need to explain." lols. :P She's lovely :)

Nadia van der Mescht said...

How truly amazing! I felt so sad on the weekend that I couldn't be there! Gosh - :-( Boo hoo poor me! Anyway how wonderful that you did go! Love the goodies! x

Nadia van der Mescht said...

Oh and...look Nick is in the background! Ha Ha Ha :-) Probs thinking...these damn bloggers :-)

vanessa said...

looks fantastic- very jealous!

Danni said...

It was so nice meeting you & your fiancé Che! I felt like we were old friends really, you guys were so fun + easy to talk to :) Thanks for stopping by & saying hello! Next time we're in London, let's get together.. and same goes for if you guys are ever in California! Hope wedding planning over the next few months goes well - can't wait to see how everything turns out! <3

Danni said...

lol! i didn't even see Nick in the background but that is pretty funny. Nick said he's supposed to be in disguise with his beard ;) but you recognized him!