Monday, September 24, 2012


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I have been asking readers to comment about what they were having for lunch - for me to illustrate. Last week we had some homemade chicken pie. And on Friday Andrea of Cleverbird commented that she was eating Rice-cakes in an attempt to clear out her cupboards before moving back to South Africa from the UK. All I have to say about that, is:
Photobucket Photobucket

What are you eating for lunch today?
It's cold and rainy in London today - so that means, 
I will be eating everything.


GeeGee said...

Braaaai sandwich! Made many extras on saturday night when there was lovely sunshine. It was wrapped and almost ready to be had with homemade tomato and basil soup...because now it's cold.

Your drawing could be worse. No one wants to draw dead tadpoles when they croak.

(oh yes, bad pun Monday)

Clever Bird said...

Hahaha, nice! Have to agree with you there my friend! Haha - today it's the last bit of bread in the freezer - bovril on toast, much better option ;)