Wednesday, September 19, 2012

lunch time

A few days ago on the indieBerries facebook page I received a comment from one of my friends Sarah saying "Please can you make sure that you have a new funny blog post up every lunchtime because it's my most favourite thing to read when eating my lunch :) " 

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 sucks to be so un-funny on the couch.
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That's not very lol-tastic or worthy of a lunchtime read.
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My latest most random and whimsical lovely blog feature!!
(let's test it out and see how long it lasts!!)

drum roll....

* Presenting *

That's right people. 
Your very own LUNCH TIME JOKE BOX. 
You can think of it as a SNACK BOX, but filled with JOKES for your lunch time.
So starting out this week - apart from my regular blogging I will be featuring 


Every day this week at 12pm London Time (That's 1pm South African time and 4pm Uzbekistan time), I will be posting a lovely/random/haha little joke for you to enjoy over your lunch time. Since my  friend Sarah works in a law firm - here is the first lunch time joke box - 
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

More tomorrow...


Sarah F said...

People are walking past my office and looking at me weirdly because I am laughing so hard. People don't laugh in law firms. I do. Every lunchtime at 1pm when I read your blog. Che K you just made my year with the announcement of a lunchtime post!!!! Looks like I am going to be stared at on a daily basis now at 1pm SA time, 4pm Uzbekistan time and 12pm London time. Yayyy! :)

GeeGee said...

I think the funniest part is in fact the drool whilst standing in high winds - so carry on for Sarah's jokes, great idea!