Friday, September 21, 2012

{weekend} get your wedding on.

Here's a little something else for the UK folk about an event that's happening this weekend in Kent:Photobucket
Now, right after the proposal, and the immediate wedding fiasco that ensues - you will have no doubt got yourself a fancy wedding planner file, created a million moodboards and maxed out your Pinterest account.

You will also have checked out every single wedding blog in the blogosphere - Southbound Bride, Rock n Roll Bride, Offbeat Bride , The Crafty DIY Bride, Style me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes,  The Pretty Blog, Oh Darling Days , Wedding Gawker, Once Wed, b.loved, Ruffled, Grey likes Weddings, 100 Layer Cake. Yes, I have read all of these. And this is the tip of the ice-berg. If this list scares you, trust me - put your dancing shoes away - you are not ready to get married.

But there is one more thing that you simply MUST do (if you haven't been scared off by aforementioned blog list) and are still intending on getting married - Photobucket
In all honesty I have already attended several wedding shows with my mother (and father and brother - who gives unnecessary "great" running commentary.) But this weekend I intend on dragging THE MAN to a Wedding Fair happening up in Kent -

We have booked some tickets for Saturday - but The Wedding Fair runs from Friday all through to Sunday and takes place at Glow Bluewater. There are loads of different exhibitors, workshops, tasting sessions, style showcases and wedding fashion shows. It's going to be all flowers, dresses, fabrics, accessories and shiny rings.

Poor Warren has no idea what he has gotten himself into -

Photobucket Photobucket
But don't worry - I have checked out the vendors and there is a Champagne Bar which will be just fine for The Warr and there are some great restaurant deals of places nearby including Krispy Kreme - so if he starts acting up, I will just shove him with a DONUT.Photobucket

The Wedding Fair at Bluewater this weekend - 21, 22, 23 September - you can book tickets here.

See you there!


GeeGee said...

Dayammmm, I'm at work and look at that long lovely list of blog prettiness to read! and there are some I haven't seen before!Good luck... huge good luck, doughnuts and all. May your weekend be filled with creative imaginings from you both!

Stephanie van Staden said...

have fun! i dragged my man to the one in battersea park, not once but twice! he even watched the fashion show with me. give him food & drinks afterwards or during and he will forgive you anything.