Friday, September 21, 2012

My First Time

I posted yesterday about visiting the Renegade Craft Fair in London. I know lots of you loved reading about it - But I guess it doesn't really help you out if I post about it after it's already happened. So I thought I would line up two different posts for today - with a few things that are going on this weekend.

In Cape Town this Saturday is the launch of the My First Time Book - A collaborative writing project managed and edited by Jen Thorpe. Over two years she has sourced and collected women's stories through the My First Time blog. The real-life stories range from abortion, rape and abuse to crushes, real love, motherhood, friendship and forgiveness. The stories serve as a platform for opening discussion and communication between the women of South Africa. You can see a full list of stories here and submit your own story here.Photobucket
Following from the blog - the next exciting development in this epic project has been the formulation of the My First Time book which launches this Saturday at 12:00 at the Fugard Studio. There will be stories read by Jen and various authors and you can book tickets for R30 here.

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