Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blogcademy Today!

Am off to the Blogcademy this morning - super excited! Lovely husband made me a wonderful survival pack last night - (these pics are rushed and un-edited because.... I have a BLOGCADEMY to get to people!)

 photo IMG_1533_zps5793067c.jpg 
 - tissues
- photo of husband and I (cuteness)

 photo IMG_1531_zpsf9f5fbd3.jpg 
- for the information overload.

 photo IMG_1529_zps4541d91b.jpg 
- girls gotta eat

 photo IMG_1527_zps79548239.jpg 
- highlighters, pens and an indieBerries book that husband crafted himself (can you tell?) With the loveliest message inside. (<3 p="">

 photo IMG_1532_zps75505dc6.jpg
- and gum

because you never whose face I will try and smooch.

just kidding.



Gaelyn Cokayne said...

So cute - well done husband! Good luck Che, hope you have a fab first day!

Rhianne said...

Eeee, good luck Che!!!!! I can't wait to see how it goes :)

Dee said...

Aww so sweet! Good luck and can't wait to read about what happens in Blogcademy! (I bet you were so excited last night that you couldn't sleep!)

Johlet said...

That's so sweet! Good luck and have fun!

Megs H said...

You have the most awesome husband in the world!!! All the best for your first day! Have fun :) xxx

Caley said...

Hope it was more AMAZEBALLS than you imagined!! x