Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Facts!

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Apparently they believe that the kid toys inside the Kinder Joy eggs would prove too much of a choking hazard. I'd say it'd be very quick before kids realised that the plastic parts are way less tasty than the chocolate parts.

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This is because the climate is so similar to the Hamster's natural desert environment that agricultural and environmental officials are concerned that any hamsters who "escape" could establish wild colonies and damage all the crops, plants and animals in their path.

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You watch out for those rogue hamsters.
They'll getcha.

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I have an irrational fear of the dentist,
which stems from this incident... many years ago.

I don't want to talk about it.

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* When I read this fact on the internet, I thought "no, that definitely can't be right" - so I googled it and found an entire page dedicated to knees.

Which, is both enlightening and highly disturbing. 

According to this site - an elephant has two knees at the back and elbows and wrists at the front. All four legged animals have in fact knees and elbows. The KNEE PAGE goes on to talk about the front joints on the legs of horses - which are mistakenly referred to as knees. These joints join the radius and the carpus - which makes them the wrists, not the knees (which join the femur and the tibia).


Horses are walking around on their middle fingers.

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Henry Ford produced the Model T only in black because the black paint available at the time - was the fastest to dry.

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(I tried to draw the picture of Super Mario from memory. I thought I had nailed it on the colours. But I was a bit off - can you work out what the correct colours are supposed to be?)

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And, for our final Fun FACT! today - I was busy in photoshop mocking up a graphic about "the largest number of children born to one woman" - {which was 69 (to a Russian peasant woman from 1725 - 1765)} - when my entire photoshop died.


I'd also kill myself.

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I have another post coming this afternoon with some awesome feel-good Friday Music - 
so look out for it!


Freya said...

It seems to me that a fear of dentists is a completely rational one. They're evil! And also, ALSO! Why has nature conspired to provide us with teeth when they are so prone to rotting and breaking? No one has good teeth by the time they are old, and they're pretty essential. Why? I've given this a lot of thought and I'm convinced it's an accident on Mother Nature's part.

waitingformeg said...

Mario needs a nose!!

Caley said...

Hahahaha, that last one!! i.die. These are some seriously interesting facts... I'm loving the ET/jelly sounds and the teeny tiny kangaroo x

Megs H said...

Can't believe that about Kinder Joy eggs!!! If they were illegal in SA my daughter Zoe would just cry because she is addicted to those eggs...she can eat easily two of those a day...LOL!!! These Fun Facts are is one for you...Every person has a unique tongue print as well as fingerprints.Keep up the great blogging!!! xxx

Blake kershaw said...

The king of hearts is also the only king who is drawn while he is busy stabbing himself! suicide over a broken heart maybe?

fathima said...

These are great! Cannot even fathom the Kangaroo thing. And I think the Hawaiians are being a bit paranoid... but then again hamsters do enjoy breeding...
Love the Godfather one as well.
Well done for finding such unheard-of facts :)

Michelle said...

69!!!! Yowsers. She must have been one impressive lady. I think I would have killed my husband.

Mary Wallace said...

The hamster fact is also true for NZ and Australia. I didn't see my first hamster until I moved to Korea!

Che Kershaw said...

MARY. shut up. are you SERIOUS?