Friday, September 13, 2013

STOP! Listen! Feel good Friday!

I recently attended a Networking event for South African Women in Business hosted by Darling Magazine in Wimbledon. At the event I met a host of really inspiring young (and medium-young) women who are small business owners in London. Among them, I met two sisters - Malory and Taylor Torr.

Maylor Torr is a singer-songwriter and her sister Taylor Torr is a photographer and film maker. After meeting them (and hearing Malory perform for us) I got back home after the event and searched for the music video straight away.

It's awesome and very FEEL GOOD FRIDAY!

Malory had her first big break on Radio 2 a little while - which is super awesome!

So head over to their twitter pages (links above) and Malory's Facebook Page 
and give these Saffer girls some love.

 - Make friends before they become all rich and famous.

At least, that's my strategy.

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GeeGee said...

oh that is cute! I love the part in the video where the cut out on the beach gets into the car and drives off