Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cartoon: Anatomy of a Blogger's Meet Up

 photo meetup1_zps97b96156.jpg
Last night I went to an awesome bloggers meet up at The Phene in Chelsea (pic above - there were more bloggers but I'm too lazy to draw them all. lol). Blogger's meet ups are always strangely bizarre - sometimes it's like meeting people that you already "know" and other times it can be literally walking into a bar/restaurant and introducing yourself to complete strangers who you had intentionally agreed to have dinner with.

The crowd last night were some of the most awesome ladies and I'm so excited about having a whole host of new UK-based blogs to peruse. Will be sharing these new blogs in a few coming weeks - this post today won't do them all justice - so stay tuned :)

Anyway, blogger's meet-ups generally centre around blog-banter which goes something like this -

 photo meetup2_zps55319027.jpg


 photo meetup3_zpse7edc9b1.jpg  photo meetup4_zpsf77bd365.jpg
just kidding -
no one ordered peas.

 photo photo4_zps90d553d8.jpg
I had a hair appointment right before this event (side note: I walked 3.1 MILES to get to the hair dresser) and went straight from there to the dinner.

So I didn't have my camera with me. 
AND my iPhone was on 5%.


How VERY unbloggerish of me.

I should oust myself from the community right now.

The only two snaps I have are these ones.

 photo photo5_zps7e7f7da7.jpg
The evening was really good - I love meeting up with like-minded, inspiring people. I've often thought that everyone who has a blog has some kind of self-ambition - which I'm a huge fan of. Once I've gotten more familiar with all their blogs (and found all the website links twitter accounts etc) - will whack them up on indieBerries for you to have a look at - am sure you will enjoy them all!

After evenings such as this my head is often left a bit bamboozled with new ideas/ new blog direction/ inspiration and general re-ignited blogging excitement - which, of course, leads to epic insomnia. Plus I have the Blogcademy workshop which starts tomorrow - so basically,

I have slept approximately 40 minutes in the last two days.

i took a selfie this morning -
then I scrapped it and drew a self portrait which is way more beautiful:

 photo meet-up5_zps7512c9eb.jpg

If you have been reading indieBerries for a while, you will know EXACTLY how I feel about insomnia and I lie awake next to sleeping husband for hours... Then husband will make a noise and I get SO excited that he is about to wake up and converse with me -

 photo meet-up6_zpsecf4e6dd.jpg 

He is not waking up to converse though,
he is actually still sleeping.

I press on with conversation none-the-less

 photo meet-up7_zps49c2df62.jpg  photo meet-up8_zps6f3777e8.jpg  photo meet-up9_zpsab8412d4.jpg


Husband: Why are you awake?
Me: Because I can't sleep, Obviously.
Husband: Just try.
Me: Sorry, what?
Husband: Just try and sleep.



 photo meet-up10_zps841f38a6.jpg

do you not think i have been "just trying" to sleep?

Husband: Close your eyes.
Me: They are closed.
Husband: No they are not.
Me: How do you know?
Husband: I can see you.

After 5 minutes of this husband-nonsense talk - I decided to leave him alone to his sleep and occupy myself. There is a very strange line in the realm of insomnia -
Do you a) Lie down, stay still and "pretend to sleep" in the hope of tricking yourself into "actually sleeping" or do you b) Get up, switch on the TV, radio, music, whip out your old crossword puzzles and jigsaws and CARPE NOCTEM!

I adopt the very unsuccessful approach of lying still, "pretending to sleep" whilst simultaneously thinking about all the jigsaw puzzles I could  be doing. I don't recommend this method.

12am: "Try" sleep

1am: Check twitter.
1:10am: Why is everyone on twitter sleeping?
1:30am: Stalk people. (In non-creepy way)
2am: download a game to play on phone. (am not a "gaming" person - so this is unusual)
2:15am: Message brother in South Africa to tell him about the unusual-ness of game download
2:25am: Marvel at HOW MUCH FUN game is!
2:37am: Poke husband a little bit to test if he is really sleeping or if he could engage in some more conversation
2:40am: Good for nothing husband
2:50am: Think about the things you need to do.
3:00am: make some lists
3:20am: try some deep breathing. Stick finger in husband's belly button - Just being friendly.
3:30am: Check instagram
3:40am: Why is no-one updating their twitter and instagram?!
4:00am: Follow all the American bloggers on twitter and instagram to make 4am timeline happier.
4:27am: Stalk new twitter and instagram timelines.
4:50am: Edit some photos on iPhone using new photo app
5:25am: Start to feel sleepy

5:37am: Finally Fall asleep. Angels rejoice.

5:40am: Husband's wake-up alarm goes off.

In spite of the lack of sleep - I am so happy that I got to meet with this lovely group of bloggers last night, am feeling inspired, creative and full of ideas (clearly). Meeting some new "online friends" was awesome and I definitely had a few quiet self-revelation moments last night. I may have even been convinced to become a real-life Yogi. Although, Husband does not know this yet -

 photo meet-up11_zpsaf538fde.jpg

More to follow


Bailey Schneider said...

Wahahahahaha I laughed so much at the "famous" food being photographed. It is SO TRUE and ridiculous... yet I can't help myself! Great post as always!
Also wanted to say how proud I am of you - which may seem totally random, since we have actually never met... but like you said, we become so intertwined in each others lives purely through blogs and social media... Anywhoo... Congrats on all you have achieved and will achieve through your blog and business ideas! As always you have my support xxx

GeeGee said...

nope, tummy button poking is not friendly Che. Just not.

Not sure I can afford the work time to read your reports of new blogs, I just know it'll lead to more :-/

Che Kershaw said...

your company called me - they said it's fine.

whatevs - husband LOVES a good belly-poke LOL :)

Lulu Johnson said...

Che I LOVE this! So so true!
And I love the cartoon representations of everyone, you even got my necklace in!
I really think you need to become a Yogi, seriously:)
It might even help you to get a little sleep...
Will let you know re the Yoga classes at the new centre in Raynes Park next week!
Fab seeing you as always x x x

Dee said...

I may have choked on my drink when the paparazzi for food came out. Haha!

Good luck on your awesome new yogi career path! I'm sure you'll manage to incorporate washi tape into that somehow.

Tania said...

Che!! SO lovely to meet you last night! Girl you are so good! I just laughed out loud in the office haha I have to say I have never been drawn as a cartoon character - THIS IS AMAZING! Have a fabulous day at the blogger academy tomorrow! xo

Xandra | Fashionably Light ★ said...

I have not literally laughed out loud in my deserted living room so much as I just did. Ever. Loved reading this! So so true!

Che Kershaw said...

ah lulu! i got your colours mixed around! haha i couldnt remember what everyone was wearing and until about 10 mins ago had no pictures to remember - such a fabulous eve - thank you for getting the ball rolling with it all! x

Che Kershaw said...

haha - there is DEFINITELY scope for a washi-tape covered Yogi - in fact, I'd say the market is WIDE OPEN :) :)

Tania said...

Also what is your twitter name?! the link on your 'elsewhere' page for twitter doesn't work... :(

Che Kershaw said...

Was so lovely to meet you too Tania! I will have to draw proper cartoons now that I have photos to remind me what everyone was wearing! haha :) so excited for the Blogcademy! yay! x

Che Kershaw said...

ah thanks for alerting me! i just changed it - @indieBerries - you see what happens when you go and get married!! - you have to CHANGE EVERYTHING. don't do it - it's not worth the social media admin. haha juuuust kidding :)

Che Kershaw said...

haha yay! Im so glad you made it last night! good to meet you and we will have to hit up Canazaro park soon! :)

ladandlass said...

hahaha. bloggers are a different breed, and sometimes it's nice spending time with your own kind.

ps. Have you tried earplugs and an eye cover to help you sleep better?

Che Kershaw said...

hahaha it IS good to hang out with your own kind! :)
mmmm... earplugs and an eyemask - would that turn off my brain :/ ?!

ladandlass said...

it shuts EVERYTHING out, but no.. it won't fight the brain battle.

Christine said...

Love this post!! So sad I couldn't make it last night, sounds like you all had a blast. Fingers crossed you manage to beat the insomnia very soon xx

Amy CT said...

Oh, insomnia. Story of my life. Lying wide awake next to someone who falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow is the most annoying thing in the world - I feel for ya, girl!

Hang on in there. I wish I could say it will get better, but, well, yeah...

sophcat said...

Apparrrrrrrrrrrrently, checking your phone while you're trying to fall asleep can mess with your circadian rhythm (I think that's what it's called....) because of the bright screen. If you can't resist, try turning the brightness of the screen down. It won't magically send you into lala-land but it might help calm the brain a tiny wee bit...

Also, you could try eating potatoes, drinking camomile tea, taking a warm shower and doing some yoga before bed. Not all at the same time. Although that could be interesting...

Kat Forsyth said...

Wahaha, you're so hilarious! your perky excited cartoon face at the thought of your husband being awake just made my morning. Or my afternoon. Whatever, I just got up, cos I go to bed super late so that this insomnia shit doesn't happen to me. One of the hugest perks of being self-employed! I'm basically screwed the night before a wedding, though. Sssh.

Famous peas!

Johlet said...

Hahaha you stick finger in husband's belly button??? LOL!

Amy Lau said...

Hahahahh i love this post! Especially the drawing of the paparazzi part - so true!
I haven't been able to sleep lately too - drives me insane! I'm tired but my mind won't stop ticking. I end up stalking instagram alllll niiiiiight long ><"

Freya said...

Ha ha ha! This just made me laugh out loud inappropriately in the office. Woops! Is that me on the end with the freckles?!x

Caley said...

Oh girl, I DO NOT know how you function on so little sleep!!! I am a proud sleep-a-holic (think lazy lie-ins, afternoon naps and early bedtimes!) and without it, I am 100% BITCH!! I admire you x

Louise Gillanders said...

Crying with lols. I can't even!!! hahahaha!! >.< xx

Kim said...

Love your blog. Who knew you were this creative at school? ;) So reading this one and wonder to myself: "What is a real life Yogi" (Clearly I'm not a yoga person) [Google result on Urban Dictionary] - 1. to have sex with a girl using no condom - Pretty sure that's not what Che meant... Let's settle on option 2. One who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight. - Yip. That sounds better. :) Good luck at the Blogcademy! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of that!

Che Kershaw said...

hahahaha :)

Che Kershaw said...

hahahaha DEFINITELY option 2! :) haha Real life Yogi on the way! :)

Ms. Dee said...

Ohhhh, the food pictures. Hahaha, pretty spot-on!

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