Monday, September 30, 2013

September: The Click Frenzy

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Since it's the last day of the Month (Can you handle it!?) Here is the first edition of The Click Frenzy: September - a collected list of awesome things I've stumbled upon around the internet this month -

Bon apetit!

Just. BE. Happier - the Happiness Habits of exhuberant Human Beings
If you're a creative blogger - you need to click this.
Seriously, what would YOU do if you weren't afraid?
How about some watercolour downloads to make your iPhone background pretty.
So this is causing a bit of buzz in South Africa right now.
Exactly. Happy Monday!
Something introspective: what's your relationship to life?
Loving this Breathless 1960 montage.
Ok, so I've unsubscribed to their email lists, like - a hundred times - but the You and Your Wedding people keep emailing me. Anyway - I do love this Festival Inspired Wedding Vibe.
A delicious and super healthy snack that's easy to make - click here!
Awesome post encouraging us to "be the change"
This new Guinness Beer ad - gives. me. goosebumps. (and maybe a sneaky little tear).
An open letter to all your Facebook Friends- what would you say? "Dear Facebook friends...
A DIY striped iPhone case - get on it.
10 Awesome book shops from around the world - I have actually seen the Words on Water store floating around these parts!
Sob! - this makes me miss my time in Korea!
I love the idea of this Three Things Concept.


Megs H said...

This is such a super awesome post!!! Thanks for sharing, caring and spreading the love :) I especially love the watercolour download for the iPhone!!! Much love xxx

Abby said...

Will work my way through the links :)

xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

Caley said...

Thanks a million Che!! x