Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Stories.

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On Thursday, after a pretty inspirational talk from a friend (you know who you are), I sat down at my computer and attempted to write a blogpost about how I was feeling. I ended up with a paragraph which included the word "stuff" three times. Clearly, am not as good with the words as I am with the pictures.
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Even though it took me more than several minutes to come up with "the stuff paragraph" I decided to keep on plugging away at the keyboard because there were some things that (mainly for myself), I just needed to put out there. "Don't worry" I told myself - "I'll just write this post and publish it on Sunday when nobody is looking"

"Silent Ninja blog posting that hopefully no one will read it" 
- It's not really what they recommend at The Blogcademy.

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Apart from this type of "wordy" post being slightly more uncommon for indieBerries, I've decided to publish it in the Sunday afternoon nap-hour because, in a way, human nature has made us believe that we shouldn't be overly excited, enthusiastic or proud of our own successes. We should be humble and modest and defer whatever praise comes our way onto anything other than ourselves. Example:

"Wow, that skirt looks really good on you!"
"Thank you, I bought it at this market last weekend."

"Wow, that skirt looks really good on you!"
"Thank you, I think it really suits my body shape!"

I digress.

In the past 2 weeks some amazing people have come into my life. Some of them are new friends, some are old friends that have 'resurfaced' and some are friends I have known who have recently become better friends. Over the last week or so I have been inspired, motivated and creatively fueled beyond belief. I have met new bloggers, new friends, new creatives, new people with big dreams, big ideas and big plans for themselves and their lives. I have mixed with people who are at the forefront of their game, I have mixed with people who are establishing themselves as vibrant new players in their game. I went to my first yoga class, I cooked a vegetarian quiche (!?), I spent the whole of Saturday doing nothing on the couch and trying not to feel guilty about it. I've been formulating new ideas, new plans, new directions for my blog, my business-"things" and my life.

Over the past several years I have put so much time, love and energy into projects, crafts, ideas and designs. Over the years I've designed scrapbook papers, digital clipart, printable artworks, posters, invitations, greeting cards, quirky vouchers, random printables, gift wrap bits, stationery ephemera and printed doodle books - most of which have never left my computer hard drive or craft room shelves.

Coming into contact with so many inspiring and creative people - people who are leaders of the blogging game, people who are carving their way in the blogging world, creatives who are establishing themselves and freelancers who are just doing it has given me the courage, excitement and the resolution, (for the first time in a long time) to put myself out there and make a go of it.

Last week, I sent the design and layout of my new website to my web coder with this illustration
 photo thisexcite_zpsfce6ed4c.jpg

to show just how excited I'm feeling about making a shift and turning indieBerries into something that will hopefully give me back as much as I have given it.

There is a still a lot of work to be done: websites to be coded, new designs to be created, cartoons to be drawn, stationery to be printed, products to be photographed, things to be organised, pages to be mocked-up, images to be uploaded, finances to be checked and processes to be streamlined. But I am excited, enthusiastic and so ready for things to be more awesome.

And, at the risk of shunning "human nature" -
it will be.




Danielle said...

So inspiring :) I'm also a creative individual (and new blogger!) and feel somewhat the same way, get our crafty things out there into the world and just make life awesome! I'm going to my first yoga class this week too! Can't wait to see your new blog design and your cute cheery illustrations never fail to make me giggle xxx

Keri Bainborough said...

You KNOW how happy I am about this post.

Dee said...

Excited to see these changes! I'm sure it will be awesome. :)

Gaelyn Cokayne said...

So exciting, looking forward to seeing the changes! Good luck! (And no need for sneaky ninja Sunday posts, we love your blog so will read it no matter the day of the week!)

Robyn (Mrs D) said...

Che I've just spent the most inspiring two days of my life at the pro blogger conference in Aus and I told everyone I met you check you out!!!! Your blog is fabulous and is most definitely going somewhere! Don't stop!!!!!

Stephanie Swan said...

i am so happy for you! can't wait for the changes.

Claudz said...

Good luck!

Lulu Johnson said...

Sooo many exciting things ahead and you are going to continue to do so fabulously! You deserve every bit of it too <3
Looking forward to seeing it all come together!
Lulu x

Che Kershaw said...

Ah i'm so jealous of you attending the pro-blogger conference! Hope you got loads of inspiration! Thanks so much for spreading the indieBerries love! so kind of you! x

Che Kershaw said...

Good luck on your new blogging ventures! I'm sure you will love it! Onward to crafty artsy things! x

Che Kershaw said...