Wednesday, September 11, 2013

{Cartoon} How to Survive (London) Winter in Six Easy Steps

 photo cold1_zps58d45708.jpg
Step 1: Around bedtime, encourage your lover to jump into bed before you - under the guise of being "extra sweet"
 photo cold2_zps9035216f.jpg
Step 2: Encourage your lover to come closer.

 photo cold3_zpsbdf2b34d.jpg
(use your seductive eyes. Throw in words like "handsome")
 photo cold4_zps3124dd49.jpg  photo cold5_zpsaa9d1b1c.jpg

Step 3:
 photo cold6_zps9947bb92.jpg
Step 4:
 photo cold7_zpsda224140.jpg

Step 5: Return to the bedroom
 photo cold8_zps5198f3a8.jpg  photo cold9_zpsc8630284.jpg  photo cold10_zpsf2c925fa.jpg  photo cold11_zps9bd80e8f.jpg
Step 6: 
 photo cold12_zpsb7aa4d96.jpg  photo cold13_zps41080e67.jpg

As you can tell, it's getting a lot colder in this hemisphere of the world and my little self does NOT love it. We have yet to locate our electric blankets in all the chaos of our house move and considering the husband was walking around in a T-shirt last night, I presume it will be a little while before he lets me strap that thing onto the bed. Anywhoo.

I've been trying to gather ALL my thoughts from The Blogcademy I attended last week and will be posting about my experience and the changes I'm hoping to make around here very soon - (As you can imagine there are lots of things to think about and lots of new ideas that I need to refine - so my head is currently in overdrive. (I actually included "Step 6: switch off the lights" into the cartoon above because last night I fell asleep with the light on, with my face in my Blogcademy workbook. There is a little bit of drool on page 8. Sexy.)

If you know of anyone who is entering a cold phase in their lives (London or otherwise) and needs this handy keep-warm technique - please do share it with them. It works like a charm.

Any other keep-warm techniques I should know about?

Do share.


Rhianne said...

You forgot to add 'warm your cold feet up on their now cosy warm legs' :) hahaha. I always do that.

Sarah G said...

Haha - luckily I sometimes get offered this service without even asking. Although it usually comes with the disclaimer: "You realise that if I fall asleep, you're screwed."

GeeGee said...

Same suggestion for getting dressed but in reverse - I get into bed fully clothed and then only remove 'em when the duvet is sufficiently warmed. It elicits laughter but it's lovely! long will Mr Husband start for find sexy eyebrows suspicious?

Johlet said...

whahaha! dis funny!!!

Kat Forsyth said...

My hubby also used to look askance at my electric blanket (single), which was only allowed on my side of the bed. But since we've moved to London, I find that our central heating is warm enough that it's not really worth the hassle of an electric blankey. I do kind of miss sliding my goose-pimpled from the cold body into a toasty bed, though.

Sarah Libros said...

Yes I need all the help I can get keeping warm during winters in London! This is great advice. I definitely plan to follow. I don't think I have any winter advice quite as good as this, but I'll be sure to share if anything comes to mind :)

Becca Louisa said...

Haha, this is amazing!! I love how you capture all the expressions just perfectly. Those eyes in Step 6 are just hilarious! xx

Che Kershaw said...

haha - i think im going to have to be pulling our elec blanket out of hibernation VERY soon! haha

Che Kershaw said...

haha :) glad you like it - am one chilly-degree away from whipping out the electric blanket! haha

Che Kershaw said...

haha YES! definitely let me know if you have ANY keep warm in winter tips! haha

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