Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to make Awesome Memorable Talking-Point Business cards

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At the end of last week I attended The Blogcademy at Curtain Road Studio, London. My head is buzzing with all kinds of amazing ideas and inspiration - so while I buy myself some time in planning how I am going to implement these new ideas/changes and direction to indieBerries - I thought I would share the business cards that I created to take to the two day workshop.

I wanted to create a "business card package" - something that would be useful to the Blogcademy students - something that they could carry around with them whilst collecting various business cards from others, something that was hand crafted, fun and cheerful. Something that would stand out and become a talking point.

And so, the "indieBerries Business card holders" were born.

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I started with pieces of brightly coloured card - A6 size (or a quarter of an A4). 

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On the blank sides of the card I added strips of pretty scrap book papers.

 photo business4_zpsb774e684.jpg
(Knowing that I had quite a few to make, I wasn't too fussy with measuring everything out perfectly. I glued the scrap pieces onto the cardstock and cut off the excess afterwards. Super time-saving)

 photo business5_zps7e573cc6.jpg
(above: Don't worry if your paper scraps aren't exactly straight - you can layer the in between bits with Washi tape)

 photo business6_zps560a7d83.jpg  photo business7_zps56d2ef90.jpg
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Next you need to create a little pocket - this is where the user will be able to stick all the other business cards that they receive. To do this, cut a piece of paper down to the size of your card stock.

 photo business9_zpscceccf3b.jpg

Tape up your pocket on three sides of the paper, leaving the top part open.

 photo business17_zpsc60f3897.jpg
You may find it easier to hold the tape between your knees and then stick the card stock onto it. Otherwise, lay the card and the pocket onto your table and stick down half the tape over the length of the card.

Use a broad piece of tape to secure the pocket - this is so that you can fold the tape over the back and it can be taped on both sides.
 photo business13_zpsa1b85d87.jpg
 photo business14_zps2fb57bee.jpg
Cut a small square out of the excess tape, this is so that you can fold the tape over and seal it at the back. Similar to if you were wrapping a present.

 photo business13_zpsa1b85d87.jpg   photo business16_zpsb0152031.jpg
Once you have sealed up the pocket you can whack in as many business cards as you like in your very hand business card holder.

 photo business12_zps2341f23b.jpg  photo business10_zps38ca12ac.jpg
I had to make quite a few - so it was really fun to get into it and use all the different mix-and-match combinations.

 photo business11_zps297dda63.jpg  photo business20_zps3b203790.jpg
 photo business23_zpsaa85178e.jpg
I wanted the business cards to have a personal/hand crafted feel so I found some "home made" ribbon - cut off tiny strips of it and attached it to a paper clip.

 photo business24_zps5598767c.jpg
I then clipped the paper clip onto one edge of the business card holder.

 photo business28_zps9044dc1e.jpg
 photo business21_zpsd3d9effc.jpg   photo business22_zps3b95ab15.jpg
I used the paper clips to attach my washi tape business cards - then when I handed them out to people at the Blogcademy I could explain that the little pocket in the front of the cardstock could be used to help keep all their collected business cards in one place. They were a great hit!

 photo business26_zpsec54a4b2.jpg
I really loved the variety of texture and colours that these business card holders had. One of the nice things about having a mix and match business card set is that people can then choose which one they like the most - which is also great fun.

 photo business27_zps431c0b5e.jpg
 photo business19_zps93a93e57.jpg photo business25_zps0ce0f124.jpg    photo business18_zpsb8b598e6.jpg

By the end of the first day I had people coming up to me asking for my business cards - 
so I'd say, that'd be  -

Mission Accomplished.

I also had another little something which I attached to these business card holders. I left a little sneak peak in my instagram feed and I will be posting about them soon, so look out for them!


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They're awesome and so beautifully done.

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