Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thank you! {and a free printable download}

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A little while ago on the blog I asked for everyone to complete a quick survey - so that I can get a better idea of what you all like about indieBerries, what you want to see more of and why you keep coming back. It was really insightful and some of your answers and extremely kind words made me almost a bit teary. (I'm serious).

I promised free bananas for all those who completed it
and I have subsequently run out of bananas - 

but for those of you who would like - I designed a set of  business card sized "compliment cards" (like the one above) a few years ago - 

 photo wrappingk_zpsc5cc8bfb.jpg

in the time long before my SLR
(can you tell?)

 photo wrappingk2_zps04a6b0f8.jpg

Now, I know this is no substitute for a banana, but they do make lovely additions to any gift wrapping project or for a quick note to hand to someone, or to leave on a pillow, mirror, lunchbox or whatever for someone special to find it.
You can download a PDF printable set of compliment cards here.
and you can download the .jpg (slightly quicker download) here.

I also recently posted an easy-peasy tutorial for drawing your own Mickey Mouse, I've had some awesome submissions from readers which I thought I would share - 

 photo mickey1_zpsa97f3a9d.jpg

 photo mickey2_zps352e1ebe.jpg

And my favourite - "retro Mickey"
from By word of mouth :

 photo wordofmouth_zps7d9b47c1.jpg

Am well impressed with all your Mickey Talent!
If you haven't seen the drawing tutorial - 

give it a bash here.

Happy Thursday x


Megs H said...

You are sooooo sweet and kind...thank you for sharing and spreading the love :) Mwah xxxx

Heide said...

Thank you for the lovely compliment cards. But I can t open the link - get a message saying: The page you have requested has been blocked, because the URL is banned.Can you think why?

Artemis said...

These are awesome! Thanks :-)

Claudz said...

Very sweet of you, thank you

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Fahms said...