Monday, August 30, 2010

CD covers

Oh, hello! Today I will show you how I made some CD covers for the Music Mix Swap that I'm participating in on Goodnight Little Spoon. It's really simple and all you need is a cereal box and... I have plenty of those...

Step 1: Flatten your cereal box (or hard card) and measure a strip long enough to fit a CD.
I used 260mm long and 140mm wide. Like so:

Step 2: Cut out the strip. (rocket science)

Step 3: Fold up the long strip longways. (haha... it makes sense to me)
You should end up with a square-ish shape that looks about the size of a CD with a fold in one side.
If you have not achieved this, then you should probably just read the cartoons on this blog.

Next, tape up the two sides on either side of the fold leaving the top open.

Step 4: Cover your cereal box-CD-case like you would a normal gift, using coloured paper.
Remember to leave the top open so that you can put the CD inside. 

Then you can decorate it how you like - I drew some old school mix tapes...

Hint: I found that when I was wrapping up my CD case - it was easiest to put a piece of A4 paper longways and then cut corners in the paper like this:
(Then you can just fold the tabs over the sides and the top one you can tuck into the open slot and tape inside.)

Finally, cover the whole thing in clear contact - just for extra protection :) If you don't feel like decorating the cover - just choose some cool magazine pages to cover it with :)

You can DO IT!

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