Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old School

I love school. I love my high school. When I think about school, I get like this:

In my final matric year of school I was one of the school senior prefects. (This was an opportunity for young school-girls to over-inflate their little egos and exercise the tiny bit of extra power afforded to them by school hierarchy systems.)

Every night at school there were compulsory prep sessions where the junior girls would go to their classrooms in the evenings and do their homework from the day. Everyone knew the rules for these prep sessions:

Any of these devices that were found during these prep sessions would be confiscated for a few days - which in highschool-girl-time is almost eternity. 

One night on a secret scheduled "raid night",  I decided to stay late at school so that I could participate in the ruthless busting. On this particular night, the team:

Armed with shotguns, artillery, mace and weapons of mass destruction, we busted in to the unsuspecting classrooms...

We confiscated cellphones, media players, ipods and mp3s.

Ok, it wasn't a bloodbath. But I did have fun drawing that picture.
* * *
Anyway I have many amazing (slightly strange) memories from school. Here are some of them:

  • Our entire school missioning in the boiling sun to the Annual Inter-school Swimming meet, in our school uniforms to sing and chant and support the swimming team as they compete against all the other schools in the area.

  • At the end of the year - after our Christmas lunch we all run down to the school pool and jump off the pump house in our school uniforms into the swimming pool:

So, you get BF's and you get BFFE's..... and then you get... BFFFEE'S! 
Now THAT'S the type of friends you make at St. Anne's.

  • There's a system in place at St Anne's -  the name of which I am sure is now politically incorrect - so I will refrain from using it (St Anne's girls who are reading this will know what it is... ). This system involved new grade 8 students (2nd formers) being assigned (sometimes on a rotational basis) to one of the senior girls. The senior girls then had lists in their rooms of different chores that needed to be done by the 2nd former. These chores involved "Please make my bed" "Please fill up my water jug" "Please wash my mugs" "Please make me coffee in the morning" etc.
Slave labour, basically :)

  • We also had a tradition of having midnight feasts in the boarding houses, involving cans of caramel treat, marie biscuits, marshmellows, soda, cake, donuts and chips.

These were affectionately called "Middi's"

It usually ends like this:

  • But we also have a tradition called "the golden mile"... So sometimes these middi's end with us running around school naked at midnight being chased by ferocious imaginary creatures. Like this...

aaaaaahhh... the good old school days. I miss thee.

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grant said...

always wondered what a day at St Anne's must have been like, and you've answered all the questions che che! don't even want to think about that 'bloodbath' though...

Kim Williamson said...

Wow I forgot about all those things we used to do at St Anne's. So happy I came across this Che.

kirst said...

HAHAHA!!! aaah Che, thats exactly what I miss! minus your crazy raids and Lisa confiscating my phone for a week! Everything else YES :)

sarah-faye said...

Hahaha! That was awesome!!! You forgot to mention diving into the pool WITH our budget/cheap christmas party hats and getting our hair dyed in different colours. Good old days ;)

Vicky-big-boss Dyne said...

SHEA this is brilliant! Ah I miss the good old school days!! you also left out being thrown into the fountain on ur birthday! or running away from MRS B... ha! Awesome blog. miss u kid xxx

Dad said...

To think we paid school fees for all this fun !!
Was definitely worth it !!

*(Che, pse insert pic here of very proud Dad !)

Anonymous said...

brilliant che..well done!! you have captured exactly what school was..aahh how i miss it!!and who can not forget that Stone was definatly the best house...he he he he!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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