Wednesday, August 25, 2010

House Rules

When I was in High School in 10th grade we had our first school dance known as "The Chanel Ball" named after Coco Chanel - (we were fancy). The preparation for this ball started a long way in advance and for an entire school term we had dance lessons every Friday night with the grade 11's from our brother school, Michaelhouse. This was always extremely awkward - especially to begin with:

All boys migrate to one side of the room and all girls stay planted at the other side of the room. (As you can imagine it is very difficult to attempt to learn the art of ballroom dancing from this distance.) At this point all the boys grow very pre-occupied with their ties and generally avoid eye-contact.

Another thing to note: the number of ladies present slightly outweigh the number of Michaelhouse boys available. This causes the following effect:

Anyway... by now you should (hopefully) have a dance partner. And the dance instructor says

This is NOT a pleasant experience:

So after nearly fainting from pure nerves and perspiration smell, you begin the dancing.

The partnered dancing commences:

* The end *

Author's note: this post is in no way intended to offend any Michaelhouse boys, you are (generally) very good dancers and perfect gentlemen and i love you all.

Take up dance lessons. It really is quite fun :)


Andrea said...

HAHAHA - Chanel Ball - it was SO TRAUMATIC!

Guy said... kill me! but ball was pretty awful, but has left the fondest memories of growing up. I think i was a terrible dancer. I do remember that guy who used to teach us...what a steamo

Luc said...

An uncomfortably accurate description. I still fell terrible about my sweaty palms and inept moves...