Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ok so these are the results of the epic craft cupboard cleanup project... 
Now, before I do the big reveal, I would like to remind everyone that although it may not look like that much of a drastic change - it has basically taken the whole day to achieve what you are about to see. So think about that before you make any comments...



(this was all crammed into the drawer)

(picture taken by Nicole who I think was a little bit shocked when she walked in)

(drum roll....)


Look at me how organised I am!

Now during this process I discovered something about myself:

 I collect so much of the same random (beautiful) junk.

for example...
  • 27 rolls of of tape. (If you're about to count it... I promise I'm not lying, there are two rolls of tape hiding at the back.)

  • More than 30 different writing papers... and these are the unopened ones. (More than 20 additional opened writing papers)
  • More than 70 different envelopes. Well, if you have that much writing paper...
  • Over 50 sheets of random, beautiful and vintage stickers. Mainly unused and some partly used. Others - too beautiful to use.
  • Approximately 63 beautifully designed postcards, fake polaroid cards and credit-card sized photography prints and designs.
  • Massive Random assortment of randomness - Buttons, string, ribbons, tags, sharp metal objects that I have forgotten the use of. 
and finally, 
  • Seven different types of pegs.

mmm.... I think they have a name for this...

But it's ok - cause they're all different and beautiful, right?

Tomorrow I will attempt my clothing cupboard. 
JUST KIDDING. That will take me all year.

Clean out a drawer or a cupboard or something. I promise you will feel so darn happy with your own self!

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CityGirl said...

Coz u can NEVER have enough of the gorgeous writing paper they have here...my collection grows every time I walk past a stationary shop :) And dont even get me started on the 'service' things they literally overload you with at MakeUp shops here xx