Monday, August 16, 2010

Cherry Blossoms


Joan said...

Che, below is the comment I left about your blog at the SITSGirls community over on BlogFrog. If you want me to delete your "About Me" just leave me a message, not here on your blog, but over at the discussion "Leave A Link To Your Blog Or Any Blog You Would Like To Share" -- and as soon as I get the message I will delete your "About Me" if you request me to do so. I was extremely taken with you blog!


You took me literally and just left the link to your blog without a word about yourself! What a mysterious woman you are! So mysterious, in fact, that I had to check out your blog! Absolutely a beautiful and interesting blog -- I loved the photographs for Sunday, August 15th, of the Cherry Blossoms and I loved the red strawberries under the title of your blog indieBerries. In fact, there was a lot I loved about your blog. It is obvious that you are an artist -- you have a very artistic eye.

I hope you will not mind, but I found your "About Me" on your blog so interesting that I copied it to share with the readers here at SITSGirls so they could learn more about who you are and perhaps they too might be inspired to visit your lovely blog. If you do mind, just give me a shout and I'll delete it. (Although it's going to be pretty hard to shout all the way from Paju: South Korea where you are living! However, through the magic of the Internet I am sure that I will hear you!)

Gender: Female
Industry: Communications or Media
Location: Paju : South Korea
About Me
Wonderful, hilarious, amazing, extraordinary, stupendous, fascinating, one reads this anyway... But...If you're still reading this then you probably really are interested... so here it is: I'm 25 years old and proudly South African. I have a Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies degree specialising in Graphic and Communication Design. I studied at Rhodes University and I am currently teaching English in South Korea and have been here for 2 years now. I love all things photography, drawing, sketching, artsy, crafty and creative. I'm inspired by everyday-ordinary things around me and since I'm a rather lousy cook I eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner. I love getting comments on this blog and I'm madly fond of strawberries :)

Joan said...

Che, you can delete this comment. I just wanted to tell you that in your "About Me" you repeated the word years twice. You wrote I'm 25 years years old. I deleted one of the years when I posted it on my discussion, but I thought you might want to know about it to delete it on your blog. I hope some of the readers will visit your blog, because as I told you I was very taken with it.

Che said...

Thank you so much Joan! :) I have tried to comment again in the blogfrog discussion but it's frozen on me for some reason :( thank you so much for your kind words! I didn't leave a big bio in your discussion post because I figured that since my blog is a personal one if anyone is interested in finding out more about me - they could just pop over to my little corner of cyberspace ;)

Thank-you for the note on the 25years! I'm a stickler for bad grammar and I've only recently turned 25 so I must have not edited it correctly in my haste at being a quarter life century! :)
I hope you have checked out some of my cartoons in the doodles section - they are my favourite! :)

Juliana Negrelli said...

Hi, I really enjoyed your blog! Following! =)

Bekki said...

I love your blog! Following now :)

Joan said...

Che, you will not believe this! Remember when you said yesterday that you tried to comment again on the BlogFrog discussion but it was frozen on you for some reason? Well, guess what. It was me who froze the discussion when I copied your "About Me" from your blog and pasted it in with my comment in the discussion. For some reason you cannot copy and paste something like that in without it causing an error. It caused an error and the entire discussion was frozen. Nobody could comment. I just discovered it today and had to delete your "About Me." Then the problem was solved and the discussion was able to resume again! (If you go to the discussion you will be able to read everything I said about it. It was pretty funny.)

I noticed that you got two more new followers that commented on your blog -- Juliana Negrelli and Bekki. That's wonderful! That was the whole purpose of this discussion -- to get people to check out other people's blogs that they had not checked out before. I am wondering if they came from BlogFrog.

By the way, I did check out your cartoons in the doodles section. They are marvelous! You are a real talent!

If you have a chance check out the discussion. It is still going on. Erin left a comment that she had already seen your blog and agreed with me that she liked it very much.

Joe's blog said...

wonderful...I love pictures of flowers...Is it a cherry tree?