Sunday, August 22, 2010

The JEW! The JEW!

When I went home to South Africa to visit for my brother's 21st birthday, we went to a Game Reserve called Nambiti (adjacent to the Ladysmith battlefields) and stayed at Lions Valley Lodge - (beautiful!). When I came back to Korea and started sharing my adventures with some of my Korean co-teachers this is generally how the conversation went:

Che: Look at these beautiful lomography pictures that I took in the Game Reserve!
Co-Teachers: Ah... Game Reserve is what?
Che: um.... it's like... um... Safari!
Co-Teachers: .....ok..... so... it means like the Jew!
Che: huh?
Co-Teachers: Oh I know! the Jew! The Jew!
Che: I don't understand. It's not the Jew. What are you talking about?
Co-Teachers: The Jew! I get it! The Jew!

Che:..... oh....... the zoo....!

NO. It's NOT the zoo.

I guess there are some things you just have to experience for yourself. Africa is one of them.

Beautiful Africa

Some South African grass and My South African toes :)

"On SAFARI" haha


Hojune "Tristan" Choi said...

I love my Jews! I mean real Jews... Not zoo. :)

Angie said...

i may have laughed out loud when i picked up on what was being said! oh man... i miss korea. thank you for that <3 :)