Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pretty Please

So, I have been nominated for the South African Blog Awards - (this makes me VERY happy) but it would make me way more happy if I could make it to the shortlisting or even WIN! (um.... well... let's just get nominated first) So i need your help. Please click the link on the right and vote for me.

(actually this is a bad idea - for many reasons)

Pretty please vote for me ONLY if you like my blog. That will make me super happy! 
Thank you.


Shinjini said...

I love your blog, and have just voted for you. Will definately be visiting you more often; have linked to your blog through my blogroll. :)
Came across from SITS/BlogFrog.

KDC Events said...

Hello! Visiting from Blog Frog SITS! Your blog is super cute =) we voted!

PatriciaD said...

Hi, also visiting from SITS and I voted for your cute...hope you win.

Che said...

thank you all! :) I appreciate it! :)