Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day four

The Temples of Angkor

1. Something Awesome Seeing the Temples of Angkor. Wow. Incredible.
2. Something not awesome Having to pay one dollar to swop a twenty dollar bill for another twenty dollar bill because it had the TINIEST tear in it and no one would take it. (also I already typed out this whole post last night and then my phone ate it)
3. Something we ate

We opted out of the "touristy" restaurant our tuk tuk driver took us to at Angkor Wat and searched for a local meal-shack where all the tuk tuk drivers were eating. We had fried pineapple and chicken and chicken noodles. It was super legit. And also, soaked in oil. Vom.
Something we did not eat:

Yip. That's a table of frogs ready for your pickings. Who knows, maybe we will grow some courage during the week and sample these little critters... But not today.
4. Something we did Got a three day pass to the Temples of Angkor and hit up a few of the main ones.
5. Something Random (When I wrote this last night before my phone ate it, we were sitting at a two-for-one-cocktail special hour at a place that serves free popcorn. We like.)
6. Something said
Blake on breaking up with a tuk tuk driver:
"Hey guy, look it's just not working out for us. We just... You know... We want different things in this relationship. It's not you, it's us. We just need some time to figure things out for ourselves. No hard feelings and we do need a lift to the airport, so I hope we can still be friends... "

Look how happy I can be on vacation. Sweet.


Janine v. Staden said...

love the last photo of you, and i would kill to go to the temples of Angkor!

Che Strawberries said...

thank you! if you ever get the chance to visit Cambodia... DO IT!!