Friday, December 9, 2011

day three

1. Something Awesome Driving through the Cambodian countryside and seeing people living such simple, happy lives, people hanging around in hammocks and kids playing games outside, cattle all munching away and everybody laughing. (Are we doing something wrong?)
2. Something not Awesome Being on a bus for 6 hours. That is DEFINITELY not awesome.
3. Something we ate Chip roll. Since we did not realize the bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap would only stop once in a place selling not much of anything- we were not adequately prepared and we had to eat chip rolls out of starvation. Slumming, we know.
4. Something Random Cambodians, they have their own traffic system. It's called "do-what-you-like-just-honk-your-way-through". In our 6 hour bus ride, our bus honker honked for approximately 5 of those hours. That is not a joke.
5. Something we did Made the epic mission from Phnom Penh up to Siem Reap
6. Something said Blake pointing to a roll on a non-English-speaking street vendor's cart at the bus stop: can I please have one roll?
Street vendor: ?
Blake: one roll please?
Street Vendor: wha?
Blake: a roll. A roll. That thing (points at a roll)
Street vendor: oh. You mean baguette?

Ps. Sorry for the iPhone editing pic frenzy. 6 hours, no Internet, what's a girl to do?


Bailey Schneider said...

LOL ... Sounds awesome...except for the honking torture!
Have fun x
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Deekershaw said...

Following your journey. Looks like you having a great time! Lots of special love xx

annemie said...

the pics look awesome!! you're iPhone is doing a great job ;) looks like your'e having so much fun!!

Janine v. Staden said...

love following your journey! looks like tons of fun! :)