Friday, December 23, 2011

Day Fourteen

Something Awesome Blake catching the biggest squid on a sunset/night squid fishing tour on a boat off Phu Quoc Island. Sunset as we were heading out the harbour:
Something Crap: I lost my iPhone. yes. yes i did. not being drunkard, irresponsible, careless, useless or forgetful. We were walking to breakfast along the beach and it fell out my pocket. I didn't hear it because it fell in the sand. After realising (3km down the beach, at breakfast) that I no longer had my phone - we backtracked the entire length of the beach asking every single restaurant and hotel if anyone had handed in an iPhone. Vietnam Sea = 1. Che = 0.

Something I did: Lay in the hammock for the rest of the day feeling very sorry for myself and dealing with iPhone depression.
(above: the face of iDepression.)

Something random:
After three and a half years of teaching in Korea, you would think that my miming skills are quite adept. They do, however speak a different dialect of mime in these parts and during my "has-anyone-handed-in-an-iPhone?" mime I was offered several cellphones, two restaurant menus, a hotel manager, headache tablets and a neck massage.

Something we ate: Sea Urchin off the squid fishing boat cruise. Also the squid that Blake caught - stirfried and made into a delicious traditional porridge on the boat.

(above: sea urchin. pic courtesy of Brother.)

I had taken my own (more awesome) picture of this exact meal. but alas, that picture, along with my beloved is now at the bottom of the ocean.

Something said:

Blake: "oh che! look! that place has free wifi! oh. wait. it doesn't matter now does it. lol."

(ps. handy side note to anyone with an iphone - download the find my iPhone app right now if you don't have it already. Perhaps then you might be able to locate it, if it ever decides to jump out your pocket into the sand like a sneaky mountain goat.)

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