Saturday, December 17, 2011

Day ten

leaving cambode

1. Something Awesome getting ready to enter a new country ;)
2. Something crap saying goodbye to Cambodia. What a sweet little place. Visit it if you ever get the chance.
3. Something we ate cappuccino and raisin roll at the airport.

4. Something random Blake and I uncovering a scam going on in the super coffee shop. Lol. ((Cashier leaves off an item on our bill (raisin roll) and the charges is the full (correct) amount. Then gives us change for the correct amount and pockets the difference out the till. Leaving the till to balance and the customer to pay the correct amount and cashier scores. Ka-Ching. we are shop-owners' kids. We understand this.)) lol
5. Something we did landed in Ho chi Minh and found a backpackers in the big city.
6. Something said "um.... No. We're not Brazilian." (see the post above)*

Unfortunately this stationary picture can't really explain or show you the amount of traffic and motorcycles buzzing through the streets. You better take my word for it.

At the airport. Blake having to write the numbers on my hand of the amount of money to draw because things get complicated for IndieBerries with so many thousands and millions and zeros of Viet Dong. Lol.

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Rooikat said...

Loving the posts! Great stuff :) Happy travelling!