Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day one

Hello from the land of CAMBODIA!! We are off on our Asian adventure- we woke up (WAAAAY too early) and left Korea this morning in a cab who had no idea where he was going (pic above).

Here is a quick list of today:
1. Something awesome Touching down in Cambodia and finding a SCORE of a hotel in Phnom Penh.
2. Something crappy I left the lonely planet I bought in the airplane seat pocket. completely my fault. I attribute it to 10 hours sleep in the last three days. (it had since been replaced. )
3. Something we ate Sampled our first Cambodian dish- Beef LokLak- delish! also Khmer spicy salad with basil, lime leaves and lemon. SO yum.
4. Something Random Went to a Local Cambodian street market and saw a three year old child playing with a giant hunk of raw meat. (what?)
5. Something we did Walked along the riverfront of Phnom Penh and booked some bus tickets to Siem Reap for Friday. (6hrs. One bus. Help us).
6. Something said "Are you South African?... Why no black tan?" lol


Rooikat said...

Ah! Great start!! Its raining buckets in Normandy, France, make the most of any good weather you have! 

Big cheese :p said...

I'm looking forward to these a lot :)

Bailey Schneider said...

I love the list! Really cool!!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

DoodleMouse said...

Why no black tan! Love it.

Janine v. Staden said...

hahahaha! love the south african comment :) i hear that a lot from people from other countries :) haha