Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day Seven

Lazy day

1. Something Awesome Sun. Pool. Fresh fruit juice. Cambodia. Good book. I think that just about covers Awesome.
2. Something not awesome /b> Intermittent wifi.
3. Something we ate Khmer lemongrass chicken with basil leaves, lemongrass and chili. Wow. Delish.

4. Something we did bargained with a tour guide for more than half an hour over the sake of two dollars. Lol.
5. Something random Dealing with persistent beggars is an awkward thing. :/
6. Something said Me as we are leaving our hotel room: Blake, is the door locked?
Blake: yes dear sibling, it's locked because I'm an amazing awesome genius.
(long pause)
Me: blake.
Blake: yes.
Me: You're not wearing any shoes.


Wazza said...

That is classic Blake!

Lori Anderson said...


Bailey Schneider said...

Too funny!! That food looks delicious!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Janine v. Staden said...

hahahahaha, that conversation is hilarious! :) glad you are having a great time... and the food.. yum! :)

Deekershaw said...