Sunday, May 27, 2012

7 things Sunday

7 things from the week -

  1. Walking around looking at prize-winning pigs and rabbits is a surprisingly fulfilling way to spend a Saturday.
  2. Sometimes it's better to stalk people on facebook rather than open up a newspaper and see all the horrid things that are going on.
  3. Scanning-documents should be a full-time job.
  4. If you would like to incite the whole universe, it's simple, just draw a naked presidential picture.
  5. Limiting your mindless-internet time is probably a wise thing to do. 
  6. If you leave everything to the last minute, you will never need to go bungee-jumping - you can get all your adrenal thrills by waiting to see if you will accomplish everything on time.
  7. Wise-man-say: If you cook too much food, you will eat same meal for whole week.
In other news, it's my mom's birthday today - we're going out for breakkie and then tea with the whole fam later. 


Rooikat said...

Happy Birthday to your mom :) Hope it's a great day! I cycled with giraffes and zebras today - AWESOME. 

Che Strawberries said...

wow that's awesome! i hope you had a fabulous time and didn't get side-swiped by any rogue antelope. :P