Sunday, May 13, 2012



7 reasons to be grateful for your moms - 

  1. She makes your favourite something; chicken-casserole/roast-vegetables/chocolate brownies/BLT sandwiches/butternut soup etc. For my mom, it's her delicious rusks. Can't beat 'em.
  2. She knows where you put that important document/set of keys/fabric sample/last month's magazine with the good hairstyles/shopping voucher/ID book/handbag/missing shoe.
  3. At some stage in your life she has been your taxi-driver/nurse/conflict-resolution-manager/chef/teacher/critic/money-lender/birthday-party-thrower/schedule-organiser/sideline-sports-coach/clothes-buyer/agony-aunt/advice-giver/friend.
  4. She doesn't need you to tell her when you are feeling down/sad/hurt/happy/excited/scared/nervous/thrilled. She just knows.
  5. She has been your greatest fan since before you were born.
  6. Everything she does for you is for completely your own best interest.
  7. She has always provided band-aids and plasters no matter how small the knee-scrape or how big the heart-break.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Fabulous Mom's in the world. We are nothing without you.


Becoming you said...

Beautifully said Che - thank you for your tribute from moms everywhere!

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