Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm off on my merry little way to London town today-YAY!! so won't be posting for a day or two while I'm six-thousand metres above the sea... but to keep you entertained while I'm gone - you can read about all my previous flying encounters - including the one where I flew to the blog awards, the one with the in-flight entertainment, the one where I got lost in the airport and the one where i made a new "friend"  (that last one's a must-read, i promise). 

Will B.R.B 


The Warr said...

OLLEH OLLEH OLLEH - you almost on your way!!!!!

I can confirm that the Warr is so filled with excite :)

See you soon indieBerries

Weezafish said...

Yay! Hope you enjoy the journey. Give my love to ol' Blighty

Jerusha Amelia Sukhdeo said...

Travel safe, Berry!