Monday, May 21, 2012

wedding pranks

So I got home the other day and on my bed was a lovely gift-bag waiting for me with a card from my mom and dad - 

"Dear Che,
We know this is something that you are desperately wanting and we saw this and thought we would save you many highly-stressful hours of searching for the PERFECT one, if we just snagged this one for you.
Happy wedding Planning!
Mom and Dad" 
plastic husband and wife cake-topper.
Yes people, they are on a swing.

Let's get a close up of the happy pair -
such LOVE in their little plastic eyes.

my wedding dreams are COMPLETE - just what I always wanted!
"thanks" mumsy.

From one of the mom's fabulous friends - 
"Dear Che
I have found these beautiful vases which I thought would look lovely on your wedding tables. If I buy them in bulk, I can get them at a discount for cheap!!
Lots of love
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candice said...

dude! I have been reading your blog since approx 2010. thats a long time considering how one's tastes change over a relatively short period of time (okay, maybe its just my fickle nature) anyway, so i decided that, since i've been too busy for blog reading lately, i should check whatsup down my favourite bar. And this is the first post i see and i'm like "what the what?  Che is definitely single and she's been in Korea for like more than 2 years. How could she have met and dated and gotten engaged to someone in the space of 4ish months?" And then I read the older posts and that very helpful infograph thingie which explained everything and now I understand :) And, even though it seems that I am not such a loyal reader I would like to say congratulations and he seems like an unbelievably epic human being. YAY!

the Warr said...

Thank you Candice!

ps: I was thinking the exact same thing  ;)

Bobby said...

HAHA! I like the plastic people, they have a certain kind of....charm? (Although the groom seems way more into the bride. She looks more interested in herself)

Che Kershaw said...

it is true!! i'm soon to be a MRS!! i'm a ninja like that :) lol and yes... he is the most unbelievably epic human being! YAY ME!!! :)

the Warr said...

I'd also like you to know how !lucky! I am & how !amazeballs! miss Kershaw is... But I think you (all you lovely indieBerries followers) knew that already :)