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it's a normal thing,

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but i do read a whole ream of paper-related blogs -
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Due to the obsession/love for paper - (and that I have a degree in design) I've decided to design and make all our wedding stationery. I have done a few test runs of the Save The Dates which have been whole-heartedly approved by my fiance-man. The following is a transcript of a conversation between The Warr and I regarding the Save the Dates which took place recently.

Che: I'm going to start packing for London soon!! I should probably go and buy the paper that we need to make the Save the Dates.
The Warr: Are you going to bring all the paper that you need to make the Save The Dates with you all the way from South Africa to London?
Che: Oh, you're right. I should probably get the paper for the invitations too!
TW: We could probably get the paper here.
Che: No, what if we can't find the right colour. It will be a disaster.
TW: I'm pretty sure if you can find the right paper in Hilton (and it's one paper-store), we can find it in the greater London, England area - for sure.
C: I don't want to take any chances.
TW: It's going to be really heavy
C: It's paper.
TW: I know but think about how much you want to get and how many different colours you want and I know you're going to want to get thicker than printer paper. It's going to get all messed up in your bag anyway.
C: excuse me. paper goes in HAND-LUGGAGE, what are you thinking?
TW: Sorry, I wasn't thinking - maybe just go to the paper-shop and see how heavy 400 sheets of card-stock paper is altogether and then let me know if you still want to bring it.
C: I want to bring it.
TW: You haven't checked!
C: How do you know?!
TW: You didn't leave the phone.
C: It's in my minds-eye. Don't MESS with my minds-eye.
TW: I'm not messing with your minds-eye. I'm just saying, we can probably get the paper in London.
C: I think it's best if I get it here. Just to be certain. Besides - we have a guillotine at home. I can cut everything to the right size.
TW: We have guillotines in London, you know.
C: Are you threatening me?
TW: No - I would never threaten you and your minds eye! I promise if you leave the paper and buy it here - I will search every single weekend in every single paper store until you find exactly the thing you are looking for, I want to help you.
C: Do you promise?
TW: Yes. I promise.
C: And if we don't find it?
TW: And if we don't find it, I will fly you back to South Africa so that you can buy the paper there.
(no he didn't say that, but I'm adding it in.)
C: Ok. sigh. I will buy the paper in London.

But maybe I will bring a few samples. 

You know, just in case.

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