Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Train Games

The other day on the train, The Warr and I started playing a little "word-game" on the train. Which, as you may have guessed, kept me very distracted all train ride long (and way past the game had ended)...Photobucket
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So... the game is to name all the famous people you can think of who have first names for both their first name and their surname -

These are who we have so far - 
Michael Douglas
Daniel Craig
Diana Ross
Elton John
Steve Tyler
Elizabeth Taylor
Paul Simon
Butch James
Meg Ryan
Ricky Martin
Chris Martin
Christina Ricci
Quentin Blake
Mariah Carey
Jim Carey
James Dean
Michael Jordan
Peter Grant
Hugh Grant
Barry Hilton
Owen Wilson
Luke Wilson
Joni Mitchell
Paris Hilton
Tierry Henry
Peter Andre
Andy Murray
Kristen Stewart

And a few "almost" ones -
Geoff Daniels
Julia Roberts
Julie Andrews
Brian Adams
Nicole Ritchie

Can you think of any more?
(... and thou SHALT not google.)


Catherine said...

Hugh Laurie

Jessica Fannin said...

Scott Scott? haha

Che Kershaw said...

lols!!! he was TOTALLY on the list - I don't know HOW he escaped! :)

Rhianne said...

haha I think you draw that annoyed look better than anyone I know :)

I'll have to have a think on this on... all the ones I've thought of so far are on your list.

Wazza said...

haha. I know, coz I said it ;)

GeeGee said...

Barry Hilton ....there are people with the first name Hilton?!

I can currently only think of TV characters...

Jerusha Amelia Sukhdeo said...

Matt Damon!

Ellen at Defenestrated Feet said...

Ha couldn't you add to this list really easily just by naming kids after the last names of actors? Teeheehee!

Future baby names:
Lautner (LOL NO just kidding.)

Oh hey, Steve Martin isn't on your list!

But seriously, wouldn't Watson be an awesome name for a kid?

vicky said...

Zachary Levi
Damian Lewis

argh, I've been sitting here for ages trying to think of more!

Che Kershaw said...

haha - yep.. consumes the WHOLE day! Matt Damon!

Che Kershaw said...

Watson - agreed! :)

Stefani said...

Heather Graham
Bruce Lee
Jamie Lee Curtis (do I get bonus points for a triple?)

This could keep me busy all day :)

Che Kershaw said...

definite triple name bonus!!

Martha Stewart :)

Precious and Jemily said...

i cant believe you have Barry Hilton and NOT Trevor Noah ;)
Also, sticking with the former MNet presenter theme - Ashley Hayden
Ralph Lauren
Lily Allen
Leona Lewis
Cheryl Cole
Ashley Cole
Vince Vaughn
and an almost one - Robbie Williams
(i have a new solo game for the bus. thank u) x P

Che Kershaw said...

High five!! you have so many!!! i am suitably impressed! :)